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Humanities is the study of painting, sculpture, literature, music, theater, and philosophy with the goal of discovering important ideas about our human condition. Humanities courses examine key arts and ideas as found in ancient through modern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. The Humanities department also offers courses in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), the New Testament, world religions, and atheism.

Humanities is an interdisciplinary program committed to learning, reflection, and action predicated upon engagements between and across academic disciplines including religion, philosophy, literature, music, theater, painting, architecture, and sculpture. Our courses recognize and explore the dynamics of differences throughout human history, thought, experience, and expression by examining individual thinkers, artists, works, and ideas in their particular cultural and historical contexts. To pursue Humanities is to become a caring and critical co-investigator of how human beings encounter culture, community, place, time, consciousness, faith, meaning, representation, and change in a complex and globally interconnected world.