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Welcome to your first year at ARC!

You may have received an email from us recommending a first semester schedule of 15 units, which can be 3-5 college classes. These classes are a great start to accomplishing your goal at American River College. Aiming to take 15 units each semester puts you on track to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your first class schedule. Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

How are the recommended schedules created?

The recommended courses are from the ARC RoadMaps. A team of faculty created RoadMaps for pathways to complete our degrees/certificates. This is not the only way to earn your degree/certificate, but these courses are recommended by the department. The RoadMaps do not factor in university specific transfer requirements.

How much time will I need to dedicate to 15 units?

Each unit is equal to 1 hour a week in class (or virtually in class) and a recommended 2 hours a week of homework/study time. 15 units would require approximately 45 hours a week of class time and study time.

Who do I notify if I have to drop one or all 15 unit course(s)?

It is highly recommended that you set up an appointment to speak with
your Counselor who can assist you with your options.

Will I lose my eligibility for any programs if I fall below 15 units? (i.e. Financial Aid, EOP&S, DSPS, Veterans, Athletics).

If you are a participant of a campus program, it is highly recommended that you set up an appointment with their program Counselor to discuss your eligibility requirements.

How do I know if I need math or English support classes?

You can find your English and math placements in eServices, under Academic Records, then Placements. Your placements will indicate if you are placed at a level that requires support. You can speak with a Counselor if you have questions about what this means or if you feel your placements are not correct.

Why do I need to talk to a Counselor if I took AP or IB courses/exams?

Depending on your score you may be able to use these courses/exams in place of taking a class. A Counselor will review your test results and help you determine how you can use them.

Why do I need to consider my work obligations when picking classes?

Having a good school and work balance is important. If you work full-time (40+ hours a week), we recommend that you reduce the number of units. If you work 20 hours or less, taking 15 or may units may be feasible for you depending on any additional responsibilities you may have.

What should I do if I have taken classes before at another college?

Meet with a Counselor to review any courses taken at another college to make sure you do not take the same class again at ARC.