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The Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide (NA/HHA) program courses are designed to prepare students to perform the basic nursing skills required in acute hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home health care agencies. Special emphasis is placed on health care provisions and modifica¬tions in community health care settings. These courses are approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
Upon successful completion of the Nurse Assistant course, an American River College certificate of completion is issued. Following completion of the NA course, some students are then eligible to apply for the state competency examination.

ARC offers an accredited Home Health Aide course for students that have completed a Certified Nurse Assistant course, or students that are already a CNA. Students enrolled in the Home Health Aide course while in the CNA course do not need to repeat the physical exam, TB test, flu shot or fingerprinting. Students that enroll after the CNA course will repeat all health requirements and fingerprinting to qualify for enrollment.
In order for the application to arrive in the Nursing Department by the application deadline. It MUST be received at American River College at least one business day prior to the deadline.

Fall Application Acceptance:
May 18 – June 30 (or last business day prior)

Spring Application Acceptance:
October 18 – November 30 (or last business day prior)

The CNA/HHA Program is not offered during the summer.

Requirements to Participate in Program

Students must meet California Department of Public Health regulatory requirements. Randomly selected students must submit to or possess: Students should be aware that the following conditions are necessary to be certified as a CNA or Home Health Aide:

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Fingerprinting and clear background check. All students will be fingerprinted at American River College. Please be advised, other than minor traffic violation, if you have been convicted of anything, including DUI, your fingerprints may not clear.
  • A physical examination and proof of freedom from common communicable illness/diseases by immunization or serologic testing is required prior to the patient care experience. This is at the student’s expense.
  • COVID-19 vaccination if mandated by clinical facility.
  • Valid Social Security card.
  • Class attendance requirements.

Application for Enrollment

Students must fill out the CNA NURSE 100 and the NURSE 101 HHA Application and complete all the requirements for the CNA course.

Applications should be emailed to: Professor Marr

A complete application consists of the following:

  1. A completed, and signed, application for the Nurse Assistant N100 and Home Health Aide N101 Training courses.
  2. Copy of unofficial copy of transcript indicating meeting the AH 311 medical terminology co-perquisite and/or prerequisite
  3. A completed and signed “Conviction/No Conviction” status report
  4. All communication will be through an ARC and/or LRCCD College email address

Please note: If any item is missing, the application packet will not be processed. Students will receive notification of application status by email. No telephone verification is provided by the nursing department or the counseling department.
Admission into the Certified Nursing Assistant course is contingent upon a clear background check, and health screening.
It is imperative that applicants review the “Disqualifying Penal Code Sections” prior to submitting an application. Applicants who have been convicted of any of the listed violations may be ineligible for certification as they may not receive the required criminal background clearance for participation in this program and subsequent employment in long term care environment. Certification of applicants with convictions listed may be reconsidered by ATCS only if misdemeanor actions have been dismissed by a court of law or a Certificate of Rehabilitations has been obtained for felony convictions.
Any other convictions other than minor traffic violations must be reviewed by ATCS.

Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide

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