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Military Personnel and Veterans

Military Personnel and Veterans may be eligible for ARC Nursing Program enrollment. Two pathways for Military Personnel and Veterans have been established based on the following requirements.
Pathway I - General ADN program (first or second semester entry)

For either first or second semester entry:

  • Education and experience must meet all general entrance requirements of ARC and the nursing program (    
  • No recency requirements for the prerequisite courses are in place (per program policy).    
  • Recency of military experience will be evaluated.  
  • Course equivalency must be verified for each course according to ARC and program policy.  

First semester entry

ARC Nursing Program enrollment criteria provides 5 points toward the veteran's enrollment application. A copy of the Department of Defense form (DD-214, copy 4) noting "Honorable Discharge" must be submitted with enrollment application.

Candidates must meet the same eligibility requirements for admission into the ARC Nursing Program as other applicants, including completion of:

  • All program prerequisite courses
  • Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS) - minimum score of 62%
  • Enrollment application score making applicant eligible for selection pool

Second semester entry

  • In addition to above, documented military experience must be equal to that of Nurse 400 clinical experience.  
  • Entry is dependent on space availability. 

Note: Completion of all general education courses for graduation before enrollment into the nursing program is highly recommended.  

Veteran Advanced Placement Application Packet (for second semester entry)

Pathway II - LVN to RN Career Mobility Program (completion of summer bridge course, Nurse 420 and 430) 

  • In addition to above, complete additional prerequisite courses.
  • Possess an active California LVN license either through challenge: BVNPT Method 4 or successful completion of a LVN program.         
  • Minimum of six months recent LVN work experience with verification OR proof of previous military experience equal to that of a combat medic.
  • Selected for and successfully complete Nurse 305 - summer nursing bridge course. 


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