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Before You Complete a Course Substitution Petition

Course Substitution Petitions will not be processed without a course description or course syllabus from the year you completed the course.  The course description can be found in a college’s catalog online, or you may visit CollegeSource Online to view digital college catalogs. Course descriptions give a small description of the course and what they cover, which is required to compare to the courses offered at our college. Send PDFs of these documents only, please.

After You Complete This Form

  • Once your form is submitted, the Admissions Office will forward your online course substitution petition to the appropriate instructional department.
  • The department will then return the Approved/Denied course substitution petitions to the Admissions Office.
  • Please allow 2 (two) to 4 (four) weeks to process during Fall and Spring semesters. Please allow 8 (eight) to 12 (twelve) weeks for processing during the Summer term.
  • The Admissions Office will email you the outcome of your course substitution petition once it is received from the instructional department.
  • Your official transcripts from the college/university where you took the course must be on file with the Admissions Office.

I understand that I must have a “C” grade or better in the course requested and there must be official transcripts on file at ARC for the course substitution to be considered.

Course Substitution Petition Form