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Petitions in eServices

Many student petitions and forms are available in eServices as eForms and the approval process is done electronically (preferred method). When an eForm is completed by the student or college counselor, it will route to the appropriate instructor/staff/office for processing. Within eServices, click on the Other Resources tile and select eForms drop-down choice to access eForms.

eServices Petitions

The following Petitions can be submitted in eServices:

  • Academic Renewal
  • Course Repeat
  • Exceed Unit Load
  • Late Add
  • Late Drop
  • Loss of Priority Registration or CCPG
  • Major & Educational Goal Change
  • Refund Request
  • Student Data Change
  • Time Conflict

To access these forms:

  1. Log in to eServices.
  2. Click Student eForms and Petitions.
  3. Select Admissions and Records or Residency to bring up your form options.

Graduation Petition Deadlines and Dates

Students can file a petition for a degree or certificate of achievement using our online graduation petition form.

Petition Semester Petition Deadline Approval/Denial Date Mailed or Ready for Pick-Up
Summer First Friday in July Mid-November or December Mid-February
Fall First Friday in October End of April Mid-June
Spring First Friday in March Mid-September or October Mid-November

PDF and Document Petitions

The following petitions are not currently available through eServices. You can submit the following petitions to Please allow seven to ten business days for the processing of all petitions.