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LRCCD Health and Wellness Patient Portal

You can use the Patient Portal to make an appointment to see your College Nurses in the Student Health and Wellness Center for TB testing, immunizations, assistance with health requirements for academic programs, and any physical concerns. You can also use the Patient Portal to schedule non-emergency telephonic appointments for employee TB risk assessments, and mental well-being for students.

ARC nurses are here for you! We are available in person and remotely, by appointment only. Make an appointment through our patient portal.

Access the Los Rios Patient Portal

Telehealth appointments are available during the same operating times on days the centers are closed in person. As a reminder: masks are required in the Student Health and Wellness Center. If you don't have a mask, then we will provide you with one.

Dimensions of Wellness

Academic Dimension

Academic Dimension

Do you have what you need to be successful in your studies? Check here for tips and resources that can help you achieve academic success.

Explore Academic Dimension

Emotional Dimension

Emotional Dimension

You will find tools to help you understand your feelings and express emotions in a constructive way, and develop the ability to deal with life’s stressors and challenges while completing your education.

Explore Emotional Dimension

Financial Dimension

Financial Dimension

Life is unpredictable. Check here for tools to help you with your finances during your time in school and in the future.

Explore Financial Dimension

Physical Dimension

Physical Dimension

Check here for tools on how to care for your body, even under the most stressful conditions.

Explore Physical Dimension

Social Dimension

Social Dimension

The social dimension encourages connecting with others and contributing to one’s community, with the understanding that satisfying relationships are basic to physical and emotional health.

Explore Social Dimension

Spiritual Dimension

Spiritual Dimension

Explore the principles, beliefs and values that give meaning and purpose to your life, and learn to live in a way that is consistent with them while being tolerant of those who hold different beliefs and values.

Explore Spiritual Dimension

Feeling overwhelmed?

Help is just a text away

Text: " COURAGE" To: 741741


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Phone: (916) 484-8383


We are currently operating under Fall 2023 hours. Hours are subject to change, based on staff availability. Please schedule an appointment online or call prior to your visit.

Monday - Thursday:
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

8:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Who Can Access Services?

Services are funded primarily by a Health Fee charged to students enrolling in credit courses during registration. The fee is $20 for each fall and spring semester; there is no fee charged during the summer.

All students, including those taking courses online, have access to online health, mental health, and health promotion resources.