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In Memoriam 2022

The American River College community remembers current and retired faculty and staff who have died this year.

If friends or loved ones have requested a tribute gift in their memory, there will be a link to an option to donate. Additional information provided to our office such as services or an obituary will also be noted.


Elizabeth (Bettie) Beverage, July 2022. Bettie served as the Administrative Assistant in Admissions and Records for 35 years. 

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Jeanne Campanelli, June 17, 2022.  Jeanne served as an English professor for over 20 years. A memorial scholarship has been established in her memory.


Bill Chambers, October 18, 2022. Bill served as an ARC History professor for 23 years.

Image of Bill Chambers

Arlene Clarke, January 14, 2021. Arlene served as an English professor for many years and provides scholarship support to students through her Arlene G. Clarke scholarship.

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Ruby Dean-Smith, January 14, 2022. Ruby served as a Student Personnel Assistant at the ARC Natomas Center.

Photo of Ruby Dean-Smith,


Edwin "Ted" Kulp, October 13, 2022. Ted served as a theater professor for 16 years.

Photo of Edwin "Ted" Kulp


Patricia Martin, July 20, 2022. Patricia serviced as a Professor of Business for 26 years.

Image of Patricia Martin

John McGregor, December 9, 2022. John served as a counselor for 30 years.

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Robert Mehaffy, January 26, 2022. Robert served as a professor of English for 26 years.

Image of Robert Mehaffy

Sigrid Menard, March 1, 2022. Adjunct Counselor in Disability Programs and Services for Students (DSPS) for 20 years. A fund for DSPS has been established in her memory.

Photo of Sigrid Menard


Marleen Nicknig, July 7, 2022: Marleen served in ARC's Printing Services department for 34 years. 

Image of Marleen Nicknig


Michael Reid, July 16, 2022. Longtime adjunct faculty track coach.

Image of Michael Reid