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ARC Donor Impact Report

Tech Ed Building President Dixon, ARC alumnus Diane Bryant and 2021 MESA students Silvia, Brianna and Dania.

We are pleased to share this report on philanthropic support of our college and to have the opportunity to convey our deepest gratitude to all the donors who have made a difference for our students, faculty, staff, and programs this year.

Despite the many challenges of the pandemic, 2021-22 proved to be an incredibly successful fundraising year for ARC with $1.4M raised to support our students and programs. The impact on our students has ranged from scholarship awards to basic needs programs, emergency grants, and STEM and Technical Education building campaigns along with other program support that has directly improved the educational experience we provide. Every donor has touched the lives of so many people at ARC, and we thank you for your kindness!

Employee Giving

This year we received 3,029 gifts (both recurring payroll deduction and one-time gifts) from ARC employees for a total of $78,603! This amazing support from faculty and staff has tremendous impact on our students and is yet another way that you have shown you are committed to their success. Thank you for your generosity! If you are interested in initiating or changing monthly giving, our handy payroll deduction form makes is super easy. Monthly giving adds up to important and consistent support we can count on to help our students!

Facts on Scholarships

Every year, the Los Rios Colleges Foundation scholarship program makes a deep financial impact on the lives of our students. This year, American River College awarded 204 scholarships and more than $181,285 to assist students in completing their educational goals. As one ARC scholarship recipient noted: “As a first-year college student after separating from the military, this scholarship will continue to allow me to focus on my studies to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art, and an Art Education degree in the future. With this education and skills learned in the Air Force, I hope to influence kids positively through my work.” – Anna Golub

First Ever Donation of Property

ARC Alums Joseph Mohamed, Sr. and his wife Shirley Mohamed who live across the street from the athletic stadium and have been generous donors for years have donated the largest gift ever to ARC and the first property donation. The property located at 4750 Myrtle Avenue was recently appraised at close to $1M. Los Rios Facilities management is currently working to remove a shed on the property to prepare the property to be sold. Proceeds will be used to support student housing.

ARC President’s Circle

The ARC President's Circle is a donor recognition program comprised of generous donors who give $1,000 or more each year to any area of campus. President's Circle members are invited to several campus events and activities a year, such as the Farm 2 Scholar dinner in horticulture, a Paint and Sip art event, a Top Chef friendly cooking competition in culinary arts, and more. More than 120 faculty, administrators, alumni, retirees and businesses are members. As President's Circle donors you make a tremendous impact no matter what area of the college you support. For more information on becoming a member, contact Kirsten DuBray.

Diane Bryant STEM Innovation Center

With the support of many employees, retirees, alumni and the business community, over $2M was raised to purchase equipment and technology to outfit the disciplines in the new STEM building. Thank you!

New Technical Education building

Construction is starting on a two-story, 61,000 square-foot, LEED Silver certification equivalent Career Technical Education building to house the following degree and certificate programs: Automotive, Electronics, Electrician Trainee, Energy (Solar), Design and Engineering Technology, Funeral Services and Welding. It will also house a Design Hub and two Maker Spaces. Similar to the fundraising campaign for STEM, there is an opportunity to provide philanthropic support for the purchase of equipment and technology. Commemorative naming donor wall plaques start at $1,000 and donations can be pledged over two years through our payroll deduction form, which amounts to $41.66 a month. 

Beaver Cares Program

The Beaver Cares program served students remotely and in-person during the last year with on-ground support opening in October of 2021. Students were able to receive boxed food items including non-perishable and produce items for free throughout the year. Electronic grocery gift cards to students who were unable to visit our drive-thru, monthly distributions on campus. Over 2,000 students were provided food. This year, Beaver Cares had state and federal resources for food distribution, so your Beaver Cares donations supported the emergency hotel program. Last year $8,730.00 was spent to provide emergency shelter for 73 ARC students and their children. The hotel vouchers provide temporary emergency housing for up to two weeks in an Extended Stay America Motel. To assist students in finding permanent housing, ARC partnered with Lutheran Social Services to offer additional case-management support for students who are housing insecure or living with physical homelessness.  Adding to the menu of services to support students, Baby Beavers was added to the program this year providing parents with packs of diapers each month, by request. Thanks to employee donations that helped launch this new program and provide diaper support to over 200 families.

A Huge Boost for Beaver Athletics

In 2020 Los Rios began partnering with eTeam, a fundraising platform that works with college and university athletics programs. Student athletes tap into their personal network of family and friends through social media. In the last year, 11 athletic teams utilized eTeam to raise $85,455 in direct support! These donor funds allow the teams to purchase equipment, uniforms, and to pay for the cost of travel around the state.

A Grateful Alumnus Gives Back

An alumnus just gave back by donating to Anthropology and English. Meet Shagun Bali, a 2018 Anthropology graduate who also participated in women's Intercollegiate Track & Field and served as a SAGE Student Leader. Shagun is currently employed as an Insights Analyst at a marketing and advertising agency in Los Angeles.

Shagun shared this about her ARC experience:

“In high school, my grades were quite poor, and I was never focused on school. However, I knew I always wanted to go to college and transfer to a university of my choice - no matter how hard it was to get in. During my first semester at ARC in fall 2015, I felt like I finally knew the meaning of hard work and persistence. There was never a time prior to this moment where I enjoyed studying, and here I was completely immersed and ecstatic about the things I was learning. This was the first time I ever had a 3.0 GPA, and I discovered a major that I absolutely fell in love with. Of course, this was not the first major or the second major I declared. But with experience and exploration, I finally stumbled upon a field of study that genuinely resonated with me: anthropology. Studying anthropology allowed me to grasp the diversities of the world, society, history, various cultures, evolution, and even questioning beyond all these elements. My experiences in the classroom would not have been the same without some of the most amazing and caring professors I have ever had in my entire college career. I truly felt seen and heard and had the opportunities to have deep conversations with my professors about school, but also life. I look back at my experience at American River College as not only a time where I achieved my academic goals, but more importantly a time in my life where I was able to grow as a human being. I did something I thought I would never be able to do. And if I could go back in time and talk to my younger self in high school who was unconfident about herself and her abilities, I would tell her that everything is going to be okay.”

Student Emergency Fund

More than 770 ARC students were supported via the Student Emergency Fund last year. Funds are still available! The Los Rios Colleges Foundation will be extending the enhanced Student Emergency Fund grants of up to $1,000 to students who are involved in sudden and unexpected emergencies that threaten their ability to continue their education. The link to the application may be found on the Los Rios Colleges Foundation website. To be eligible, students must demonstrate exceptional need resulting from a sudden emergency event (loss of job, change in living situation, childcare needs, etc.) and qualify as low-income through either the FASFA or CADAA, or an undocumented or international student with no access to Financial Aid. They must also be enrolled in at least 6 units at Los Rios. Los Rios Colleges Foundation website.

Current Giving Priorities

While there are many needs on campus, there are three fundraising priorities where your support can make a difference this next year: The Technical Education Campaign, ARC Student Equity & Success Fund and Beaver Scholars. Please click on the links for more information on giving.

Again, we sincerely thank each and every donor who made a gift to our campus last year. Your support impacted the lives of students and made a difference to our campus community, and for that we are very grateful!

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