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Historically, community colleges have been supported primarily by tax dollars. Today, however, donations from individuals like you are essential to sustain and grow the quality and completeness of educational services to our students. At American River College, our focus is on the student; whether preparing them to transfer to a four-year institution or training them for jobs within the local community, we help them to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Your support is an integral part of our students' success every year. We encourage you to make a gift to the area of ARC that is most meaningful to you. Explore our current priority giving opportunities.

ARC Fund

Annual giving represents the backbone of public and private colleges. At ARC, annual gifts provide ongoing support for departments and programs through the Office of Philanthropy Innovation Grants program. Since 2002, more than $800,000 in grant support has been awarded to ARC faculty, staff and students for needs that can't be met with public funds. Annual Fund contributions provide the Office of Philanthropy with crucial, flexible funding to enrich student life, respond to emerging opportunities, and fund the Office of Philanthropy’s operations.

These gifts — no matter the size — make a real impact. Your philanthropic support of the ARC Fund today will continue to build and sustain American River College’s growth for years to come.

Payroll Form For Employees

Beaver Cares Program

Beaver Cares Logo Image

Many students face various challenges ranging from food insecurity to homelessness. In order to be intentional in meeting the basic needs of our students, ARC has created the  Beaver Cares Program to provide one central location for our students in need.

Beaver Cares encompasses a number of services:

Beaver Food Pantry

The Beaver Food Pantry is a pop-up pantry that distributes fresh produce and bread. This service is open to all ARC students, faculty, and staff. The Beaver Food Pantry was started in late Fall 2017 in collaboration with the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services.

Homes for Beavers

Serves as a housing resource hub to current ARC students. This project aims to provide relevant, accurate, and sustainable housing information and resources to students who seek affordable housing options and services. Students may visit the ARC Wellness Center for the most up-to-date information.

Gowns for Grads

The Office of Philanthropy created the “Gowns for Grads” program to support students with free access to graduation caps and gowns.

Textbook Scholarship or Book Vouchers

Under development, more to come.

Showers for Homeless Students

In accordance with AB 1995, enrolled students may use the campus’ shower facilities in the Large Gym. Showers are available for use between the hours of 7:30 am-8:00 pm, Monday-Thursday when the classes are in session.

Employment Opportunities

Students in need of employment can gain work experience and financial support by serving their college community by volunteering in the food pantry and other student support areas on campus.

Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund gives immediate financial help to students experiencing an emergency, so they can continue their progress towards a degree or transfer. Since the student emergency fund program began in 2008, $203,735 in emergency grants has been awarded to 290 students across all four colleges in the Los Rios Community College District. Many recipients of the Student Emergency Fund have been homeless, lost family members, or had homes destroyed by fire. Many students have been unable to afford food for their families or have been victims of violent crimes. Despite their hardships, these students remained determined to finish the education they started at Los Rios.

Donations are always appreciated to help with Beaver Cares efforts.

Give Online

The simplest and easiest gifts you can make is


Give by Check

Make your check payable to the Los Rios Colleges Foundation and mail to:

American River College 
Office of Philanthropy
4700 College Oak Drive
Sacramento, CA 95841

Give by Credit Card

Call the Office of Philanthropy at (916) 484-8174 to provide your credit card information over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard and debit cards.

Contact Us

Office of Philanthropy
(916) 484-8175 or (916) 484-8174

Promise to Career Nursing Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in investing in our college and in the future of students in Nursing careers. For more information visit  Promise to Career Nursing Scholarship

Create a Scholarship

While fees at ARC are less than those at state and private universities, the cost of books, supplies, and transportation are essentially the same. The average estimated cost for a student living at home is $4,100 a year for tuition, books and supplies. Because so many students rely on scholarships to help them pursue their academic goals, the greatest share of funding administered by the Office of Philanthropy is in the form of scholarships.

Scholarships provide funds to ARC students who are continuing for their second year or transferring to a four-year institution. A named scholarship can be created for $1,000 a year. The donor can select the criteria and meet the student recipient(s).

Scholarship assistance gives you an opportunity to enhance the life of a deserving American River College student. Scholarships have been established through the generosity of businesses, associations and individuals. These scholarships reward student achievement, encourage student leadership and accomplishment, and provide needed financial assistance.

Scholarships have been instituted to honor or remember family, friends or organizations. Some scholarships are created to provide trained professionals in needed fields of study. For whatever reason, financial assistance helps students receive the necessary education to compete in today's world.

Scholarship Establishment Form PDF


An endowment is an income-generating account, whose principal is untouched.  Endowments have the advantage of providing funds for specified need (scholarship, equipment and supplies) in perpetuity, but do require a minimum investment of $10,000. The Office of Philanthropy currently manages over 50 endowments totally more than $1,000,000.


  • Exist in perpetuity
  • May be named for the donor or someone the donor wishes to honor
  • Ensure enduring support for the college, its students and faculty
  • Minimum of $10,000 to fund an endowment
  • Pooled with other similar funds for investment purposes in accordance with the Finance Policy
  • Annual payout can fund scholarships, equipment and supplies, a faculty or staff position or a myriad of other opportunities to support the college

When the principal of the endowment reaches the specified amount (normally $10,000) or more, the endowment will be activated, and the annual payout will be used to fund the donor's specified area of interest.

Investment of the principal of each endowment will be handled in accordance with the Los Rios Investment Policies, with the goal of achieving maximum earnings.

Endowment Establishment Guidelines PDF

Endowed Fund Memorandum of Agreement PDF

Remembering and Commemorating Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to honor a friend, relative or former ARC colleague by providing meaningful support to the college. Donations in memory of ARC faculty and staff often become endowed scholarships in their name. Memorial funds can be designated for scholarships or direct funding for departments on campus.

The Office of Philanthropy can assist with creating memorial cards for to provide to friends and family for memorial gifts in lieu of flowers. Memorial gifts are collected and the family is consulted to determine their interests in how best to utilize the memorial gifts to honor their loved one.