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There are two wireless networks supported at American River College and its centers: LRCCD and guest.

Wireless Network Connections screenshot
  • LRCCD is used for student and employee internet access
  • Guest is used by guests who are invited to the campus have had a guest login account created for them by an employee

Though you may see more wireless networks show up in your wireless connection manager – depending on your radio antenna size and location – only LRCCD and guest are used for American River College internet access.

Connect to WiFi

  1. Select the LRCCD network.
  2. Select Connect.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your LRCCD account (for example, W1234567) and password. This is the same username and password that you use for eServices (if you're a student) and employee self-service (if you're an employee).

Note: If you receive a certificate error message, then accept/continue/install is the correct choice.

Troubleshooting Problems

Students and Employees

  1. On your device, make sure your WiFi is turned on.
  2. Make sure you are connected to LRCCD (not guest or any other network).
  3. Make sure you enter your username and password correctly.
  4. Turn your wireless connection off and then back on to reset your wireless connection. Try connecting again.
  5. Remove any previously remembered connections related to ARC networks, and try again. (Choose "forget" on iPhone and Android devices.)
  6. Launch your internet browser if you haven't been prompted for your username and password – this may cause the login dialog box to pop up.
  7. Restart your computer and try again.


Note: guests are users who have been invited to campus and have had a guest access account provided.

  1. Make sure your wireless radio is turned on.
  2. Make sure you are connected to the guest wireless network.
  3. Launch your internet browser and enter the username and password provided to you.


Can I access everything on the wireless connection that I can normally access with a wired public connection?

The LRCCD wireless network provides access to the Internet and most web-based systems in the Los Rios network. Access to internal Los Rios network resources such as file servers and printers is not allowed on this network. This network requires user authentication and provides limited network security or privacy.

Where can I access the wireless network?

You can access the LRCCD wireless network from most locations on each of our campuses.

How many people can be on the wireless network at once?

The wireless network can handle hundreds of users logged in at any one time, but the more active users, the slower the network becomes. On average, one access point can handle 30 web users without a noticeable degradation in performance. Many access points are installed at American River College to provide radio coverage and service the expected user network demand.

Why is my wireless connection disrupted more frequently than my wired connection?

Wireless access points operate within either the 2.4GHz or 5.5 Ghz frequency ranges and are prone to interference from microwave ovens, other unknown access points in the area, some cordless phones, and many other environmental factors that may be passing between you and the access point at any given time.

Though the wireless protocol was designed to be robust, it is still radio frequency and it can be interrupted by various pieces of equipment and/or structures.

Is WiFi free?

Yes, the LRCCD WiFi connection is free – there is no charge for this service.

May I privately conduct financial or personal business over the wireless network?

The LRCCD wireless network has no privacy safeguards or security mechanisms in place and is therefore not an appropriate network for this type of activity.

Should I install personal firewall software on my wireless device before participating on the wireless network?

Yes, it is a very good idea to install personal firewall software on a wireless device that is exposed to the Internet, along with up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software and the installation of current patches.

Though the network does reside behind the Los Rios firewall, and is afforded some protection from Internet exploits and worms, there is no anti-virus or protection provided.

Will an employee help me set up WiFi on my laptop or other devices?

We provide wireless access free of charge but it is the responsibility of the user to set up wireless access and to provide anti-virus and anti-spyware software on their own equipment. The wireless user is also responsible for maintaining all security patches on their personal devices.

Who can help troubleshoot my connection problems?

American River College employees will not help configure a student's machine. Every computer is different and students are responsible for knowing how to configure and operate their own equipment.

Do I have to be a student to use the LRCCD wireless connection?

Yes, you must have a valid student or employee Los Rios Unified Login account to use our WiFi.

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