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American River College can serve as a springboard to a rewarding career in audio recording or the music business by giving students the core skills needed to enter the entertainment industry. We'll help you explore your options, and put you on the path to success in the challenging and competitive commercial music industry. Learn more about degree requirements, faculty, and course descriptions on the Music programs and majors page.

Audio Recording

Learn how to operate mixing consoles, signal processors, digital audio workstations, explore microphone techniques, do remote recordings, and facilitate complete recording sessions in our two state-of-the-art recording studios.

Music Business

Explore the dynamics of the music industry through classes that address current practices and issues in publishing, entertainment, distribution, marketing, and promotions.

Pro Tools

AVID Pro Tools is perhaps the best sounding, most widely-used audio production software in the industry. You can take classes and even earn AVID Pro Tools Certification since American River College has been named as an official AVID Learning Partner.


Learn how to use music software such as Reason, Ableton Live, Finale, and more as tools to compose, sequence, and notate your own music.

Concert Sound

Hands-on classes teach sound system component operation, including microphones, mixers, effects, power amplifiers, and speaker systems. Learn troubleshooting, sound checking, and mixing sound for live performance and touring.


Learn the process of crafting a song including instrumental and vocal arrangements in jazz, pop, and rock musical styles. Practice the art of creating lyrics, formation of melodies and harmonies, popular music forms, and musical notation.