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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
Cone Justin Adjunct Professor Technical Education, Automotive Technology (916) 484-8354
Davidson Roger Natomas Center Dean Natomas Center (916) 485-6028
Delgado Lisa Professor Kinesiology & Athletics, Women's Softball Coach (916) 484-8444
Drobot Mikhail Adjunct Professor Technical Education, Diesel Technology (916) 484-8354
Dunmore Steve Adjunct Professor Kinesiology & Athletics, Women's Tennis Coach (916) 484-8336
Earles Michael Adjunct Professor Technical Education, Electronics Technology (916) 484-8354
Eubanks Heather Adjunct Professor Kinesiology & Athletics, Physical Education
Evangelisti Fred Professor Technical Education, Electronics Technology (916) 484-8675
Finnecy Tim Professor Kinesiology & Athletics (916) 484-8683
Frederick Casey Adjunct Professor Technical Education, Horticulture (916) 484-8354

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