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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
Clark Yoo Ri Adjunct Professor Fine & Applied Arts, Music (916) 484-8433
Clark Evan Adjunct Faculty Humanities, Speech Communication
Coleman Elizabeth Professor Humanities, Speech Communication (916) 484-8179
Cook Frank Adjunct Professor Fine & Applied Arts, Music (916) 286-3691 ext. 12475
Cornish Rima Adjunct Professor Humanities, Deaf Culture & ASL Studies
Cranford Michelle Adjunct Professor SRPSTC, Administration of Justice (916) 570-5000
Crossley Ramona Adjunct Professor Humanities, ASL-English Interpreter Preparation
Currea Ana Maria Adjunct Professor Humanities, Foreign Languages (Spanish) (916) 286-3691 ext. 12642
Curtis Lindsay Adjunct Professor Humanities, English as a Second Language
Daniels Joyce Adjunct Professor Humanities, Early Childhood Education (916) 286-3691 ext. 15072

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