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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
Almaamory Dhafir Custodian Maintenance (916) 484-8255
Arambula Maria Custodian Maintenance (916) 484-8255
Badilla Araceli Beacon Coordinator Learning Resource Center, Beacon Program (916) 484-8930
Bhattar Raja Adjunct Tutorial Center Coordinator Learning Resource Center (916) 484-8694
Blevis Matthew Campus Operations Supervisor Administrative Services, Operations (916) 484-8460
Brault Patrick Custodian Maintenance (916) 484-8255
Brunton Thomas Senior Information Technology Technician Learning Resource Center (916) 484-8002
Byelikov Oleksandr Custodian Maintenance (916) 484-8255
Castro Colette Instructional Assistant Learning Resource Center (916) 484-8695
Cone Matthew Custodian Maintenance (916) 484-8255

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