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Transfer Center FAQ - Spring 2020 COVID-19 

  I received a notification from Cal State Apply or from my CSU Campus’s Admissions Office saying they do not have an ADT Verification Form or E-Verify for me on file. I contacted my CSU campus’s Admissions Office about this and they required me to submit an ADT Verification Form to them by the due date they gave me. How do I access the ADT Verification form to submit to the CSU Campuses needing this form from me and what do I need to have completed to process the ADT Verification form?

  • Did you file an ADT graduation petition for Fall or Spring 2020 by the deadline?
    • All students planning to earn an ARC ADT were required to submit their graduation petition due First Friday of March for Spring and First Friday of October for Fall
      • For example, ARC ADT Spring 2020 graduation petition was due March 6, 2020, and due October 4, 2019 for Fall 2020 graduation.
      • Check with an ARC Admissions Evaluator or contact the Counseling Office to find out if your ADT graduation petition is on file:

ARC General Counseling Office: 916-484-8572,

  • Do you need to file an ADT graduation petition for Summer 2020?
    • All students planning to earn an ARC ADT for Summer 2020 graduation can submit their graduation petitions online due by the last Friday of June (June 26, 2020). Students can call the Counseling Office at 916-484-8572 to schedule an appointment for assistance with completing their graduation petition. All graduation degree information and the online petition form can be found here: Get a Degree
  • Did you file for an ADT by indicating on your Cal State Apply Fall 2020 Admissions application that you are planning to earn an Associate Degree for Transfer prior to transferring?
    • If your answer is “Yes” to the above two questions, you will need to contact the ARC Admissions and Records or the Counseling Office at 916-484-8572 as soon as possible for assistance with filing out and signing the ADT Verification Form with an ARC admissions evaluator or counselor, who will then submit your completed ADT Verification Form to your CSU admissions office by the deadline given to you. Counselors and evaluators can provide the verification form if you don’t already have one. Pay attention to your CSU campus’s ADT Verification Form deadline
  • Did you submit your Cal State Apply application, but DID NOT indicate that you are planning to receive an ADT prior to transferring in Fall 2020?
    • If your answer is “Yes”, contact your CSU Admissions Office ASAP to ask how to update your student record to indicate you are planning to receive an ADT and ask if they are still accepting the ADT Verification form. If they are still accepting this form, ask when the due date is and to whom you need to send your ADT Verification that needs to be filled out and signed by you and an ARC Counselor or Admissions and Records Evaluator. Make sure to ask how this might impact your admissions eligibility into your major.

  I’ve applied to transfer, but I may need to drop a class. How will this impact my fall 2020 admission?

  • Before dropping your class(es), contact an ARC Counselor by calling 916-484-8572 and your transfer college(s) admissions office first before making this decision to find out if dropping a class(es) will have a negative impact on your Fall 2020 admission.

Should I take a class P/NP?

  • Before changing from a letter grade to Pass/No Pass, it may be in your best interest to speak with a Counselor or directly with your transfer college(s) first before making this decision
  • CSU Transfers- Please visit the CSU website for more details: College Guidance – Incoming Transfers | CSU
  • UC Transfers- Please visit the UC website for more details: UC's response on admissions to COVID-19
  • International student applicants who need to demonstrate English proficiency may still need a letter grade in their English courses. Please contact each university campus to see if a “Pass” would be accepted before making a decision to change to Pass/No Pass in your English course if this situation applies to you.
  • The Admissions Office(s) of the Los Rios District Community College(s) where you are enrolled in the course(s) you would like to switch to Pass/No Pass grading must receive your Pass/No Pass form by May 20, 2020. Los Rios Community College District has extended the deadline for students to switch a class to “Pass/No Pass” until the last day of the Spring semester, Wednesday, May 20.

How can I speak with a university’s admission representative?

  • Visit the ARC Transfer Center website for university representative contact information.
  • If you do not see your university’s admissions representative on the ARC Transfer Center website, go to the university’s admissions page for email and phone contact information of admissions representatives
  • Email for further assistance on contacting a university admissions representative.

I applied to a school using the Common Application and they are asking for a college report. How did I submit this document?

  • Fill out and sign “To the Applicant” section of Common Application Transfer College Report (you can access the College Report through this link: College Report) and e-mail this report form and all supporting documents, such as your personal statement, resume, and unofficial transcripts from outside colleges, to Dean of Student Services, Parrish Geary, at from the ARC Admissions and Records Office. Supporting documentation will assist in the timely, accurate completion of the Transfer College Report. In your e-mail, make sure to provide specific information of all university campus names, where your Transfer College Report needs to be sent to, and the due date of your report to each university requiring this report. Please note that processing time is usually four (4)  business days.

I was admitted to a university and submitted by admissions acceptance for Fall 2020. What do I need to know during this unusual time of COVID-19 remote learning and services?

  • Check your e-mails and university student portals frequently to check messages with updates related to COVID-19 updates from your university. If you have any questions, contact your university admissions office where you are transferring in Fall 2020. If you don’t know the contact information, go to the university’s admissions webpage and look for contact information. For additional assistance with trying to find out university admissions contact information, e-mail our ARC Transfer Center at
  • CSU has announced important updates to support students with the challenges of community colleges being closed during this time. Please visit their website link below and contact your CSU Admissions Office of where you plan to transfer for specific guidance for your questions and concerns. College Guidance – Incoming Transfers | CSU
  • The UC SIR (statement of intent to register) is due June 1st. This is the deadline when you will let the UC admissions office of where you were admitted know that you are planning to transfer there in Fall 2020. While this date is not changing, you can request an extension by contacting the UC’s Admission Office of where you have accepted admissions for Fall 2020. Requests for extensions will be treated on a case by case basis, at the discretion of the UC admissions committee.
    • If you received a fee waiver to submit your UC applications, your $250 deposit at the UCs will be automatically deferred to fall. Please note that even if you DID NOT receive a fee waiver to submit your UC applications, you can still request the UC Admissions Office of the campus where you plan to transfer to defer your $250 UC deposit to fall by request.

I’ve applied for transfer, but I may need to drop a class. How will this affect my fall 2020 admissions?  

  • If you have applied to transfer in fall 2020 and are considering a class change in spring 2020, make sure to contact your transfer schools directly to find out how it could affect transfer.
  • While some schools may still have more strict admission requirements, other schools may allow you to take remaining coursework in the summer or upon transfer in Fall 2020. The CSUs in particular have made some adjustments to admission changes for recent applicants who may be short of 60 units to transfer by Fall 2020. Before you drop a class, please contact your CSU Admissions Office to learn if their admissions changes in response to COVID-19 campus closures apply to your particular situation.
  • Dropping a course could impact your financial aid. You may also want to consult with the ARC’s Financial Aid Office before finalizing your decision. Contact the financial aid officer at:

  Did your financial situation change since submitting your financial aid application?

  • Call the financial aid office of the university where you plan to transfer and request assistance on how your financial aid application and award eligibility can be updated and reevaluated.

What if I need to send a transcript for Fall 2020 university admission?

  • ARC Admissions & Records is sending transcripts to transfer institutions as students request transcripts through the online ordering system. Please note that students CANNOT pick up hard copies in person from A&R at this time.
  • To order a transcript, visit Admissions
  • ARC Admissions & Records is sending transcripts to transfer institutions as students request transcripts through the online ordering system. Please note that students CANNOT pick up hard copies in person from A&R at this time.
  • To order a transcript, visit  Admissions
  • Please note, if you attended Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake, and/or Sacramento City College, you will need to request official transcripts from their admissions and records office also to be sent to the universities requiring you to send your official transcript to them. If you are transferring to CSU Sacramento, you do not need to request transcripts from any college in the Los Rios District; LRCCD and CSUS use a direct data exchange for transcript information as long as the following are confirmed:
    • SSN at Los Rios Community College District must match SSN here at CSUS
    • No holds at Los Rios Community College District
    • Student must state on the Cal State apply application which Los Rios campuses they attended.
    • Students who are Dreamers or do not have a SSN must initiate the order themselves from Los Rios to CSUS.    
  • Additionally, students need to have outside of Los Rios Community College District college transcripts to be sent to their intended university.

  If my admission was denied, how do I appeal for a waitlist for a UC or CSU?

  • If you have received an admission denial and you feel like you have new and compelling information to offer the school for another review, you can file an appeal. Each University has different deadlines for their appeals so pay close attention to those timelines.
  • For assistance with your appeal or waitlist process, schedule an appointment with an ARC Counselor by calling 916-484-8572 as soon as possible since appeals and waitlist processes have deadlines. Follow instructions provided in their admissions response about the waitlist or appeal process.
  • UC Davis: For more information about UC Davis’s waitlist process, visit their Frequently Asked Questions page here: Transfer Waitlist
  • UC Davis Fall 2020 Transfer appeal application has closed. You can check back after 06/01/2020 to apply for an application appeal through this website:
  • CSUS: If you have been notified by CSUS that you were not admitted, please review CSU admission requirements here: Transfer Student Admission Process
  • To request an appeal of your CSUS admission decision, complete the Undergraduate Admission Appeal application (form is accessible here: UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION APPEAL APPLICATION), attach any supporting documents, and submit to the Admissions & Outreach office within 15 days of the date you were notified of your non-admission. CSUS will communicate with you using your primary campus email. Please note you can only submit one appeal per application cycle. Also, please note that CSUS admissions appeal decisions may take up to four weeks due to the COVID-19 impaction.