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WorkAbility III Team

Rachel Stewart (she/her) is the coordinator/counselor of the Workability III program. A wheelchair user since the age of five, Rachel holds a strong commitment to the disability rights movement and a passion for supporting individuals with disabilities in reaching their fullest potential. Over the last 15 years, she has conducted policy work and coordinated programs aimed at increasing employment of youth and adults with disabilities. In her free time, Rachel enjoys knitting, embroidery, cooking tasty vegan meals, hanging out with her five (!!!) cats, and watching reality TV shows. She is currently working on a doctorate in educational Leadership from CSU Sacramento.

Olivia (she/her) has been helping students with disabilities achieve their career goals for the past three years. Olivia has a bachelor’s degree in Latina/Latino studies from San Francisco State University and has a passion for helping underrepresented students navigate their educational and vocational journey.  One of the things she loves about working in education is seeing her students thrive and flourish with confidence when they have received the resources and support to reach their goals. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys spending time with her family and participating in local theater and dance productions.

Tehetna Nadew (she/her) has a master’s degree in Counseling from California State University, Sacramento. She is passionate about creating a safe and inclusive space for students to reach their goals. Tehetna has over 4 years of experience serving a diverse student population in Academic and Career counseling. She is also an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist providing Mental health Counseling to incarcerated individuals. In her free time, Tehetna enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends

Passionate about working with individuals with disabilities, Skyler started her journey in higher education in 2018. Skyler has been involved in different programs, including Outreach, First Year Support Program, Counseling, and now WorkAbility. She hopes to continue advocating for students in overcoming their college and employment barriers. In her free time, Skyler likes to watch crime TV shows and do yoga.