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PRISE: Pacific Islander / Asian American Resilience Integrity & Self Determination through Education

The Mission of PRISE:

Holistically support and guide Asian and Pacific Islander students at American River College in order to close the educational opportunity gaps.

PRISE (Pacific Islander/Southeast-Asian American Resilience Integrity and Self-Determination through Education)

PRISE is a Pacific Islander and Southeast Asian Learning Community that aims to create a home/family atmosphere for students on campus and is one of the core programs in APISC. PRISErs receive assistance in reaching their academic goals at ARC through dedicated courses, academic counseling, peer mentoring, cultural enrichment, and book assistance. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the PRISE family or learning more.

Program Grant Overview:

APISC is a program funded through the Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institute (AANAPISI), which is a five-year federal grant. American River College was awarded this grant in 2016 to help create pathways for AANAPI identified students to complete their degree and/or transfer to a four-year institution.

PRISE (Pacific Islander/Southeast-Asian American Resilience Integrity and Self-Determination through Education)

PRISE Overview

PRISE Learning Community courses are taught with a Pacific Islander and Southeast Asian emphasis, highlighting the community college and cultural experience of these communities. While taking PRISE courses you will receive support inside and outside of the classrooms to promote a more cohesive, empowering, and supportive pathway into student success. To join the PRISE Learning Community and enroll in courses offered by PRISE you must request permission from Coordinator Neue Leung at

PRISE Course Offerings

PRISE Course Offerings (Please note courses offered may vary each semester)

  • ENGWR 94: Succeeding in College Composition
  • ENGWR 300: College Composition
  • ENGWR 480: Honors College Composition
  • ENGWR 302: Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking
  • ENGWR 482: Honors College Composition and Critical Thinking
  • ENGWR 334: Asian American Literature
  • HCD 310: College Success
  • HIST 325: History of Asian/Pacific Americans
  • PSYCH 300: General Principles
  • PSYCH 330: Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • SPEECH 301: Public Speaking

PRISE Support

Being part of PRISE, some of the support you will receive are:

  • Book assistance
  • College tours
  • Guest speakers
  • Falefonos (workshops)
  • Peer mentorship
  • PRISE dedicated counselor
  • Study Groups

PRISE courses have a limited number of spots available each semester. To learn more about PRISE and/or receiving a permission number to add any of the courses offered, please contact Coordinator Neue Leung at

Students not enrolled in our PRISE learning community can utilize other services we offer by contacting us.


Coordinator: Neue Leung
Phone: (916) 484-8690


Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Student Center HUB