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The American River College Library is part of a dynamic campus community that fosters and connects students, faculty, and staff with resources that encourage intellectual, personal, and cultural development. We are dedicated to our college’s mission, values, and commitment to social justice and equity. We want exhibitions and displays to support both the library’s mission and efforts to be a safe place where all are welcome.

The Facilities

The ARC Library’s central stairwell has three floors of wall mounted display area, called The Stairwell Gallery. The main floor of the library also has a built-in locked display case.


The Stairwell Gallery and the display case on the first floor of the library are highly trafficked areas, therefore, if materials or themes do not support the Library Mission, the ARC Librarians reserve the right to not display any or all materials.

For questions about the Stairwell Gallery and/or the display case, to schedule an exhibition and/or display, or to turn in signed forms, please contact Martee Squire at

Library Exhibition and Display Guidelines

  • Exhibitions and displays can be in place up to 4 weeks. Extensions may be granted but require preapproval from the library.
  • Exhibitions/displays must be fully removed by the last date on the exhibition notice.
  • Paperwork is due to the library 5 days before installation.
  • Library signage cannot be moved for exhibition purposes.

Exhibitors are fully responsible for:

  • Getting exhibition/display approved with a supervising faculty/staff member.
  • Gathering and retaining the LRCCD Artwork Loan Agreements from artists/owners.
  • Turn the Library Exhibition Information and Agreement Form into Martee Squire,, to schedule the exhibition/display.
  • Transporting, hanging/installing, and arranging all exhibition and display materials.
  • Any marketing efforts.
  • Any loss, damage, or theft of any items on display. Artists/Owners display at their own risk.
  • Damage done to the library display area(s) while installing or removing display materials.