LRC Room 104

LRC Room 104 is available to ARC Faculty and staff for the purpose of orientations, workshops, examinations, trainings or special events which would require the use of computers or a projector. 

Technical Training
The LRC IT Computer Lab staff are available to your group for technical trainings and support.  If you are an instructor, you may request a technical training session for your students by contacting Connie Ayala, LRC Coordinator.  Trainings topics for your students include but are not limited to: Canvas navigation, PowerPoint creation, Formatting Word documents, Email management or other topics that you may request.  Requests will be scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis and upon availability of the LRC Lab IT staff. 

Other important information you need to know about the LRC, including the use of Room 104:

The LRC provides supplemental instruction and academic support to ARC enrolled students. The LRC is considered an instructional classroom and a quiet learning environment. Because studying, tutoring and other modes of instruction are taking place inside the LRC, and in order to maintain a pleasant learning environment, we ask ALL staff and students to observe the following LRC policies while receiving services.

Reserve LRC Rm 104

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If you have any questions, you may contact Tom Brunton at 484-8002 or ext. 8693 or email:

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Room 104 Details

41 student computer stations, one instructor podium with computer

Black & White laser printers

Two video projectors with screens

Speakers for audio from podium station

Room has the capability of displaying your iPad contents via Airplay (ie, you can project your iPad wirelessly)