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Find Answers to the Most Asked Questions


Q: Do I need a high school diploma to attend American River College?

A: No, if you are 18 or over you do not need a high school diploma. If you are under 18 and still in high school, you may be admitted by special admission. For more information, see an ARC counselor.

Q: I have already been to college. What do I have to do?

A: If you have completed classes at another college or university, you are considered a new transfer student. You are not required to go through the same matriculation steps as new students, but it is recommended. If you wish, you may participate in assessment, orientation, and a counseling session. If scheduling an appointment with a counselor to develop your educational plan (iSEP) and discuss your needs and goals. It is critical that you bring a transcript from each school you have attended to this appointment (unofficial copies are acceptable for initial planning purposes).

Q: What if I already have a college degree?

A: If you already have an associate degree or higher, you are not required to participate in the matriculation process (i.e. assessment, orientation, or counseling). You only need to complete the online admissions application prior to enrolling in classes. You will be eligible to register for classes during or during open registration. If you need help with selecting appropriate courses for your goal, please see an ARC counselor.


Q: I have young children - is child care available?

A: Yes, childcare is available at the ARC Child Development Center for enrolled students who qualify. For more information, visit Child Development Center.

Contact my Instructor

Q: How do I contact my instructor?

A: You can contact your instructor(s) by phone or by email. If you are enrolled in a class, contact information should be given to you on the course syllabus. If you wish to contact an instructor whose class you are not enrolled in, you can look for their contact information in the Faculty and Staff Directory.

Dropping Classes

Q: What if I change my mind after I signed up for a class?

A: If you change your mind about taking a class you have registered for, you must drop the course online through your Los Rios eServices account. There are several deadlines for dropping classes, depending on the length of the course (full semester, 8 weeks etc.) Each deadline will affect whether you will receive a refund or have a notation on your record. It is highly recommended that you drop the courses as soon as you make the decision so that other students may be able to enroll. Always get confirmation when you drop courses and keep this confirmation until that semester grades are posted. Generally speaking, dropping a course is not possible during the last 25% of the class. For specific deadlines click on Start and End Dates, Drop/Add Dates.


Q: How do I get the D's and F's cleared from my transcript?

A: Once grades are recorded on your record, they are permanent and cannot be removed. You can have D's and F's discounted from your grade point average by either repeating the classes or by applying for academic renewal. For your specific situation, please speak to an ARC counselor.

Graduating – Getting the Diploma

Q: What must I do to graduate in two years with an Associate in Arts Degree?

A: The state and district requirements for the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees are explained in the college catalog. The length of time it takes to graduate depends on whether you are fully academically prepared, and how many units/classes you take per semester. Your counselor can assist you with determining how long it may take you based on your educational goal and the coursework required to reach that goal.

Q: When I have met all requirements for the AA/AS degree, what do I do to receive my diploma?

A: You must apply for graduation by making an appointment with a counselor who will prepare a Curriculum Planning Summary Sheet. This form shows what courses you have taken to fulfill requirements for your degree. You must be enrolled or done with all course required for your degree upon petitioning for graduation. The deadline to petition for graduation is usually within the first six weeks of each new semester, and within the first two weeks of the summer term. Click Graduation and Transfer for Graduation Deadline Dates.

Q: If I have taken most of my units from another college, can I earn an Associate degree at American River College?

A: You must complete at least 12 units at American River College in order to obtain an Associate degree from ARC. Meet with a counselor, who will assist you in determining how your units earned from another college can be applied toward general education or a major at American River College.


Off-campus Housing

ARC does not provide residence housing. However, the Center for Leadership & Development (CL&D) provides information on roommates, shared housing, and available rentals.

The college does not screen, approve, or endorse student housing options.

CL&D (916) 484-8471

Prerequisites, Corequisites and Advisories

Prerequisites, Corequisites and Advisories

It is the intent of American River College to guide students into courses in which they will have the greatest chance for academic success. Therefore, you will find courses that have prerequisites, co-requisites or advisories in their description. It is highly recommended that you review the prerequisite course material to enhance your chance of success. The definitions for prerequisites, co-requisites and advisories are:

• Prerequisites are requirements that a student must complete prior to enrollment in a particular course.
• Co-requisites are courses that students are required to enroll in at the same time as (or, in some cases, prior to) a particular course.
• Advisories are suggested courses or skill levels that a student is advised to obtain prior to enrolling in a particular course in order to improve student success.


Q: How can I obtain a copy of my transcripts?

A: Unofficial Transcripts: You can access and print your unofficial transcripts from any computer with Internet access by logging into your Los Rios eServices account.

A: Official Transcripts: Click on Official Transcripts for detailed instruction regarding the transcript process.


What is a "W"?

"W" stands for withdrawal. This grade is not computed in your GPA; however, it does affect your academic standing in terms of progress probation and dismissal.

Counseling Center Contact

If you have not found the answer to your question you may email the Counseling Center directly.

Please include your Student ID# with all correspondence


Admissions Tips

Get help with admissions, including application and registration. Visit the Student Support Center inside the Welcome and Support Center building.

Student Support Center