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Back on Track

American River College is an academic home for all of its students regardless of GPA and completion rate. Probation and Dismissed students belong at ARC. The Back on Track team mission is to help students move out of probation and dismissal with the full support of the campus community and our resources. The Back on Track Program at American River College works with students who are in probation or dismissal status to become academically successful and achieve their goals.

Back on Track program requirements are designed to:

  • Empower students to advocate for themselves, use campus resources, and proactively solve problems in a college environment
  • Invite students to reflect on their habits and choices that create academic success and the habits and choices that have not served them well academically
  • Connect students with people who will guide and support them as they complete Back on Track program and achieve their academic goals at ARC

Do you have questions about Academic Dismissal at American River College? 

Contact the Back on Track Team

What is Academic Probation?

What is Probation?

Probation One:

  • Students who have more than 50% W, I, or NP grades for ONE semester are on Progress Probation 1.
  • Students who have a overall (Cumulative) GPA below a 2.0 for ONE semester are on Academic Probation 1.

    Note: students cannot go into probation status until they have attempted at least 12 units.

Probation Two:

  • Students who have more than 50% W, I, or NP grades for TWO semesters are on Progress Probation 2.
  • Students who have a overall (Cumulative) GPA below a 2.0 for TWO semester are on Academic Probation 2.

Book an appointment with a counselor to discuss ways to improve your grades and learn about resources at ARC that can help you succeed. 

What is Academic Dismissal?

What is Dismissal ?

A student is placed on academic probation if the student has attempted at least 12 units and earned a grade point average below 2.0 in all units that were graded. A student on academic probation may be subject to counselor intervention.

A student on progress probation is subject to dismissal if the percentage of units in which the student has been enrolled for which entries W, I and NC/NP are recorded reaches or exceeds 50 percent in at least three successive semesters.

How Do I Come Back to ARC After I Have Been Dismissed?

Back on Track Process

  1. There are four ways to learn if you are Academically Dismissed. You will receive an email, you will have a hold on your eServices account, you will have a Back on Track tile in Canvas, and there will be a dismissal notation on your transcript under your most recent semester’s courses.
  2. Students complete a Back on Track workshop in Canvas,. After you complete the workshop, you can submit a Statement of Circumstances, and request a Back on Track planning appointment in Canvas.
    Please Note: If you Do Not have a Canvas tile but you DO have an eServices hold, the Back on Track team will add the tile to your Canvas account.
  3. Students meet with a counselor to complete a Back on Track Plan with a counselor to request readmission to ARC.
    The deadline to complete your Back on Track Plan is 10 business days before the semester begins.
  4. If your plan is approved, you will have a unit limit and you must maintain a 2.0 and a 50% completion rate EACH SEMESTER until your cumulative GPA is above a 2.0 and you are out of dismissal status.

Impacts on Enrollment and Financial Aid

Beginning with fall 2016 registration, students who are placed on academic or progress probation for two consecutive terms will no longer be eligible to receive a California Promise Grant . Appeal and possibly have your California Promise Grant reinstated.

Counseling Center Contact

If you have not found the answer to your question you may email the Counseling Center directly.

Please include your Student ID# with all correspondence


Admissions Tips

Get help with admissions, including application and registration. Visit the Student Support Center inside the Welcome and Support Center building.

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