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Student Government

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The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the officially recognized student group that represents all students on campus and is sanctioned by the ARC President and chartered by the Board of Trustees.

Elected representatives and students on committees work to insure the student voice is represented at the decision-making bodies of the college. The ASB also promotes activities on campus that stimulate the intellectual and social life of our college students. 

The Associated Student Body is divided into three sectors: Student Senate, Club and Events Board (CAEB), and Joint Budget Committee (JBC). The ASB promotes educational activities and retention programs on campus. Representatives of the ASB are elected and/or appointed and may serve on campus and dristrict wide standing committees. The ASB advocates for students' interests by investigating, writing and passing legislation that address the needs and concerns of the students.

ASB meetings are open to the public and students are encouraged to attend. ASB meeting agendas can be found on the CL&D website and the posting board next to the club room. Through your involvement with ASB, you will be participating in activities and events that will encourage personal growth as well as enrich your overall college experience.

Student Leadership Calendar

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Student Senate Officers

There are fifteen (15) Student Senate Senator positions. They represent the ARC student population at large and keep the Student Senate informed of student concerns. Representatives must be a member of at least one Student Senate Committee (Governance, Activities, Finance, Public Relations or Legislative Affairs).

President - Stacey Burrows
Vice President - Dominique Espinosa
Director of Activities - TBA
Director of Finance - TBA
Director of Communications - TBA
Director of Legislative Affairs - TBA
Director of Public Relations - TBA
Legislative Analyst TBA
Senator - TBA
Senator - TBA
Senator - TBA
Senator - TBA
Senator - TBA
Senator - TBA
Senator - TBA

Senate Whip - TBA 

Senators (up to 15 positions total)

Club and Events Board

President Mark Sheppard

Vice President - TBA
Club Representative Whip - TBA
Director of Activities - TBA
Director of Communications - TBA
Director of Finance - TBA
Director of Media Relations - TBA
Director of Public Relations - TBA
Historian - TBA

Clubs Events Board Meetings

Meetings held Tuesdays at 10:30am on Zoom, except as otherwise posted

Joint Budget Committee Meetings

Meetings held Thursdays on Zoom, except as otherwise posted.

Student Senate Meetings

Meetings held Fridays at 10:30am on Zoom, except as otherwise posted