SAGE Program

Find out what being a Sage is all about

What is the SAGE Program?

SAGES are student leaders who serve as guides and facilitators of information between and among students, staff, and administrators. SAGES work in the Center for Leadership and Development (CL&D). These student ambassadors serve as guides, connecting students with campus programs and services as well as assisting with event planning, CL&D operations, and campus and community outreach.

How can SAGES Assit you?

Our SAGES work primarily in the CL&D, occasionally assisting other campus offices when needed. Duties and services provided by our SAGES include:

Issuing Student Access Cards and Universal Transit Pass (UTP)

Assisting with Online Orientation

Assisting with CL&D Computer Lab usage

Providing Information on Campus Clubs and Associated Student Body

Coordinating and Supporting Campus Events

And much, much more


Dean: Dr. Joshua Moon Johnson
Equity Programs Supervisor, Housing Insecure Liaison: Satya Chima
Student Life Supervisor, Housing Insecure Liaison: Brett Sawyer
Admin Assistant: Cesar Reyes
Phone: (916) 484-8471
FAX: (916)484-8977


Monday to Thursday: 
8:00 am to 7:00 pm
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Summer hours
Monday to Friday: 
8:00am to 5:00pm


Student Center Building across from Starbucks

 Regional Transit Routes and Schedules

Sage Applications

Can be obtained in the Center for Leadership and Development or Online.

Apply Online for SAGES Program