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Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

We provide a comfortable learning environment that reinforces the importance of the writing process.

The WAC program believes that good writing often emerges when students feel part of a community of learners. The ultimate goal of our program is to develop self-reliant writers. Our friendly, collaborative approach engages students in their writing process in order to promote long-term confidence and success.

We believe that listening to students is essential to helping them grow as writers. Students need guidance in finding their own solutions rather than being provided answers. Writing conferences that lead to revision empower student writers across all disciplines.

As a result, students become better writers by focusing on the process of writing.

After a required orientation session, students will be able to attend:

  • Individualized or small-group instructional conferences with English faculty or instructional assistants.
  • Workshops on a variety of grammar and composition topics, such as how to use MLA documentation, how to write great introductions, and how to develop a great thesis statement.
  • The WAC Writing Center.



Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday through Sunday Closed

89% of all students who complete WAC pass all of their courses.

Writing Across the Curriculum -- ENGWR 96, ENGWR 95 and ENGWR 306 -- helps students from all academic disciplines with any academic writing task. Students enroll in .5 unit of either class. Both classes are graded Pass - No Pass.