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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

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The STEM Center is a learning community for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. You can get STEM specific emails, opportunities, and support, including:

As a community center for STEM students, the STEM Center provides students with information, resources, and support needed to advance academically and develop into STEM professionals:

  • Tutoring in 300 and 400 level STEM Courses.
  • Academic Counseling from a STEM Transfer specialist.
  • Support throughout the transfer process.
  • Scholarship & Internship opportunities for STEM students.
  • Mini-Grants for innovative projects and research.
  • Career development and professional leadership opportunities.
  • Field trips, mentorships, and much, much more.

In addition to the center’s core services, the STEM Center houses a number of programs designed to specifically support individual students, including MESA, Women in STEM, and STEM Honors.

Explore Our STEM Programs

Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA)

MESA is a program designed to support first generation and financial aid eligible STEM students.  In providing leadership opportunities and financial support, MESA helps students learn about how to succeed academically and professionally in the STEM fields.

Explore MESA

Intel Community College Mentoring Initiative (CCMI)

The Intel Community College Mentoring Initiative is an opportunity for students studying computer science, electrical engineering, or software engineering to learn from mentors working at Intel. The mentors are experienced Intel professionals who have volunteered for the role and are excited to share their experiences and knowledge. In addition to getting the opportunity to share weekly communication with Intel professionals and learn about the field, students receive a certificate of completion (and gets Intel on their résumé).

STEM Honors

The STEM Honors Program is a partnership between the STEM Center and Honors Program through which dedicated STEM students are eligible to earn Honors Credit for advanced STEM Coursework. As part of the program, students collaborate with their instructors to identify ways to extend and enhance the content of their advanced courses, and perform independent research in their field. After completing an Honors Contract, students will receive credit towards the campus’s 15-unit Honors Certificate.

Women in STEM

The Women in STEM Initiative is a commitment by American River College and the STEM Center to better support women in the STEM fields, including through promoting career development, academic achievement, leadership, and engagement. Organized by student leaders, Women in STEM invites all students to join the conversation, and regularly brings in industry professionals and transfer students to share their experiences and provide guidance for students who are preparing to transfer and enter STEM careers.

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program (PDP) partners motivated STEM students with dedicated faculty. Participants then engage in a set of activities, which encompass academic growth in their chosen field, career development, public service, and personal enrichment designed to enhance their professional skills.

Research & Innovation Mini-Grant Program

The Research & Innovation Mini-Grant Program (formerly GEO) provides funding for students to do independent research, participate in a professional growth activity, develop a new project or idea, or explore off campus opportunities and resources. After applying and receiving approval, students will have until the end of the semester to conduct their research or growth activities. Upon concluding their research, students will present their findings to their colleagues at a STEM research symposium.

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LaQuisha Beckum
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Program Leads:
Dr. Laurel Richardson
Javier Garcia

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Tutorial Services at the STEM Center

The STEM Center provides drop-in tutoring to a wide variety of courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  If you’re interested in joining a team of enthusiastic STEM Leaders, you should apply to join our tutorial staff.” 

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