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Reading Across the Disciplines (RAD)

RAD works with students in small group sessions to help them improve their classroom performance.

RAD focuses on application of inferential and critical reading strategies and study skills to specific content classes (such as Anthropology 310 or Psychology 300) and programs (such as Nursing and Paramedics). The strategies and skills covered include (but aren't limited to): preparing for tests, annotating textbooks, developing outlines, paraphrasing, understanding jargon, and reading graphics.

If you are a student in ENGWR 300/94, please see the notes in the schedule of classes for what section of ENGRD 111 you should enroll in. If you want support for a class other than ENGWR 300/94 combination, email the RAD Center at to find out what the best ENGRD 315 section is for your class.

RAD also offers ENGRD 314 Speed Reading.  This one-unit course focuses on flexibility and efficiency in reading.  Students learn to assess reading materials and purpose and then to properly employ the right strategies for the task; students will also work on increasing reading rate. If you wish to take the RAD Speed Reading class enroll in any open ENGRD 314 section.

How RAD Works

RAD is a short-term lecture class that meets 9 times. Shortly before your RAD class starts you will receive an email with directions on what to do when the class starts.

Students will work in small groups or one-on-one with a RAD instructor or Instructional Assistant on applying reading and study strategies to the class of the student's choice. For example, you may create a visual study guide from the material found in your Anthropology or Economics book, or whatever class you are focusing your RAD studies on. This will help you understand and retain the material and prepare for upcoming exams or quizzes.

Contact (RAD)

Dean: Doug Herndon
Coordinator: Leah Arambel
Phone: (916) 484-8053


Monday - Thursday:
8:30am - 6:30pm
8:30am - 2:30pm
Closed Weekends

84% of all students who complete RAD pass all of their courses.

Research on our program shows that RAD students have an 84% success rate in the accompanying curriculum class as opposed to the 60% success rate achieved by non-RAD students.

RAD instructors give relevant assignments, good advice, and provide a friendly atmosphere in which to learn and refine study techniques.