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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
Abed Ali Adjuncts Chemistry Professor Science & Engineering
Afonso Paulo Professor Science & Engineering, Astronomy (916) 484-8733
Afshar Zoha Adjunct Professor Fine & Applied Arts, Fashion
Aguilar Gary Dean Technical Education (916) 484-8354
Aguilar Joshua Adjunct Professor Technical Education, Design & Engineering Technology (916) 484-8354
Ahmadi Al Professor Technical Education, Electronics Technology (916) 484-8044
Albrecht Christian Adjunct Professor SRPSTC, Administration of Justice (916) 570-5000
Ali Nimo Student Support Specialist Career Education, Workforce Development (916) 484-8824
Alvarez Pelayo Adjunct Professor Science & Engineering, Natural Resources (916) 286-3691 ext. 12307
Arata Raquel Dean, Career Education & Workforce Development Workforce Development (916) 484-8364

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