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Showing 101 to 110 of 112 results for: College Store Center for Teaching & Learning Office of Equity and Inclusion Cafeteria English
Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
Tittle Matt Adjunct Professor English
Tomasetti John Lead Instructional Assistant English, RAD (916) 484-8696
Valenzona Debbie Adjunct Professor English (916) 286-3691 ext. 12054
Valle Jesus Professor English (916) 484-8253
Wagner Jill Instructional Assistant English, Journalism (916) 484-8304
Wagner Christina Staff Resource Center Assistant Center for Teaching & Learning (916) 484-8558
Webb Marni Adjunct Professor English (916) 484-8101
Weydemuller Brian Adjunct Professor English
Whitcomb Irene Instructional Assistant English (916) 484-8053
Woodard Donna Lead Instructional Assistant English (916) 484-8249

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