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Supreme Court DACA Decision

June 18, 2020

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Even in our darkest days, there are lights of hope. Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the President’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program was illegal, providing extraordinary relief to nearly 800,000 Dreamers nationwide, about 200,000 in the state of California, and thousands right here in our Los Rios community. This ruling comes on the heels of Monday's Supreme Court's decision to leave the California State Sanctuary law in place and another ruling that upheld the illegality of discrimination against members of the LGBTQ+ community. Also this week, a federal judge ruled on behalf of the state of California Community College system – and Los Rios, as we were a co-plaintiff in the case – that we are allowed to provide direct CARES support to all of our students, including undocumented students, overruling the US Department of Education’s guidance on this topic. While we had already committed to providing grants for undocumented students using other resources, it’s another indication of positive momentum in this movement.

These rulings offer hope, but they cannot erase the fear and pain of those whose legal status and personal identity were questioned in the first place. We must continue to commit ourselves to the recognition of every person's full humanity.

Make no mistake that our work to advocate for the right of our undocumented students is far from over. The court’s ruling does not preclude the President from pursuing a legal course to end the program. Just as we stood with Dreamers, our UndocuScholars, and those challenging the recent attack on DACA, we will stand with Dreamers and other UndocuScholars against any future challenge. We cannot rest until there is a long-term policy solution that addresses the safety and security of this vulnerable population.

We invite students, staff, faculty and community members  to connect with our college undocumented resource centers to stay updated on the implications of this decision and to access legal and other student support resources. The district’s undocumented student webpage includes information about community resources as well as links to each college’s Undocumented Student Resource Center page.

Even as we write this, we recognize that words are not enough. This is a time for action. Action on behalf of our UndocuScholars and all students of color who have been let down by the institutions of our country. Now is the time to take on the longstanding practices within our colleges that have hurt our students of color and historically underserved communities.

But while we reaffirm our commitment to turning our values into action, it is also appropriate to take a moment to celebrate good news. To all of our Dreamers, we hope that today’s news provides some relief and optimism. We will always stand with you. Our work continues, but today is an important reminder that, by working together, we can make real change on behalf of our students.


Brian King
Chancellor, Los Rios Community College District

Thomas Greene
President, American River College

Ed Bush
President, Cosumnes River College

Whitney Yamamura
President, Folsom Lake College

Michael Gutierrez
President, Sacramento City College