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Map the World with GIS

November 17, 2022

Map the World with GIS Photo Map the World with GIS

Space isn’t only for the stars! Geographic Information Science (GIS) is all about space and placement here on Earth. With this program you will be studying the science that composes earth’s environment and the many different ecosystems that make our planet unique.

Those who work in GIS use computer systems to piece together spatial information to display, map, analyze, and manage the different patterns and relationships that make up the earth. This field is ideal for those interested in maps, geography and database technology, as well as biology, history, and geology.

At American River College, we have two award-winning programs for this field – Certificate in GIS (28 units) and Associate Degree in GIS (60 units). Both programs go above and beyond comparable programs, both in the region and nationwide, with faculty who have in-field experience and who work tirelessly to ensure the programs stay grounded in the real world of GIS employment.

Recent graduate Austin Demshar has already received two job offers and has this to say about the program:

“I’ll be working for either the city of Roseville or Caltrans,” Demshar says. “I give a ton of the credit for these opportunities to the ARC GIS program. I’ve heavily drawn on the projects I’ve done and things I’ve learned in my coursework during my interviews – they’ve been fundamental.”

Graduates can earn up to $70,857 a year, according to the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA). Start the path to your career today!

How do I get started?

  1. Apply to American River College
  2. Check out the Degree and Certificate full time and part time maps to see what a class schedule that fits your plan may look like:

Geography AA-T Degree (Full Time) Map

Geography AA-T Degree (Part Time) Map

(GIS) A.S. Degree (Full Time, Fall Start) Map

(GIS) A.S. Degree (Full Time, Spring Start) Map

(GIS) A.S. Degree (Part Time, Fall Start) Map

(GIS) A.S. Degree (Part Time, Spring Start) Map

(GIS) Certificate (Part Time, Fall Start) Map

(GIS) Certificate (Part Time, Spring Start) Map


  1. Talk to a counselor for a more personalized education plan
  2. Let us know you are interested in learning more about the program! Contact: (916) 484-8107

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