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Find Your Place Helping Keep our Communities Safe

December 6, 2022

person wearing a Public Safety vest shown front the back

The Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center (SRPSTC) is dedicated to providing high quality training and educational programs for public safety personnel across a variety of fields including fire service, law enforcement, administration of justice, and homeland security. The center offers pathways for entry-level and advanced students with in-service instruction to meet the needs of those who are just starting their public safety journey or who are looking to advance their career. 

While job availability may vary depending on the specific role you are seeking, generally there are many openings across the public safety fields. Currently, law enforcement agencies are critically low for applications, which means there are many job opportunities for students who complete the POST-certified Basic Law Enforcement Academy at ARC. There is also an increasing need for fire service personnel for seasonal and full-time employment.

Our programs and academies prepare you for the many different facets of a career in public safety. A key theme taught throughout our classes and training is equity and how to repair, build, and maintain trust with the communities we serve. Many of our programs are created in an intensive, concentrated, and short-term format, allowing students to enter the field prepared with basic training needed for a career. Find your calling and start your path in public safety today!

How do I get started?

  1. Apply to American River College 
  2. Check out the academy, degree and certificates offered in the Public Safety Training Center including:
    1. Administration of Justice
    2. Basic FIrefighter Academy
    3. Basic Law Enforcement Academy
    4. Fire Technology
    5. Homeland Security

Let us know you are interested in learning more about the programs or check to confirm available space in an upcoming academy at or (916) 570-5000

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