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Model United Nations Club

The Model United Nations Club is in its 14th year.

Group Photo Model United Nations Club

It is an academic club which conducts educational and informational activities for the benefit of its members and the college community. We provide an opportunity for members to participate in an intercollegiate competition to better understand cooperative dialogue, formal debate, research processes and diplomatic skills.

Why should you join?

The ARC-MUN provides a positive and fun environment for further learning. Not only will you learn more about the world but also will meet a very outgoing group of people. Additionally, you will be an active part of the college community which may benefit your college application and individual resume. Not surprisingly, 90% of the 2005-2018 MUN-ARC transferred to a UC or CSU.

What is the point of the competition?

The competition simulates the structure of the United Nations and the various issues on its agenda. As Delegates, you represent selected countries; during the 2018 Conference,  ARC-MUN represented Finland, Germany and India. It was an enlightening experience to view the world from the perspective of another country. Yes, we were from Germany at the competition and represented their points of view exactly.

At the competition, success is measured if delegates can successfully get their resolutions supported by other delegations and passed in their committee. It is also measured by receiving an award of Distinction in the Art and Practice of Diplomacy by the organizers.

This year we are excited to represent Australia and China at the 69th Session of MUNFW Conference--A Common Humanity: Back to the Principles of the United Nations Charter.

When and where is the competition?

We will attend the 69th Session of the Model United Nations of the Far West Conference: A Common Humanity: Back to the Principles of the United Nations Charter.  ARC will represent Australia and China at the conference April 12 - 16, 2019 in Burlingame, CA at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. 

Model United Nations Club Contact Information

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President: Francesca Gracey

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Collihan

Meeting Location: