TEDxsj Talk: Student Voices on Issues of Social Justice Impacting their Education

  • Wednesday, February 19, 2020
  • 1:30 to 3:00 pm
  • Campus Life

Location: Student Center. Unlike the traditional TED talks which aim to enlighten and educate the listener on some aspect of science or technology, the purpose of the TEDxsj forum is to highlight the lived experiences of ARC students. With the college’s commitment to “uphold the dignity and humanity of every student and employee” the TEDxsj forum is an opportunity for the campus to hear directly from our students about the challenges in their personal lives and in their academic pursuits. This forum is based on the premise that in order to adequately serve our students, we must know who they are. Sponsored by the Umoja Sakhu Learning Community and part of Black History Month.

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