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About Us

The print version of American River Review was in circulation from 1984 until 2019. 2020 marks the first year American River Review faculty advisers determined it was time to publish the magazine digitally. The college is working out a way to begin printing on-demand copies in the near future. The Review is produced annually by the students of American River College in two classes that work together to produce the final version that we publish here – for free – on the college’s webpage using Paperturn. The American River Review is designed from concept to graphic design production through final print management by students in the Art New Media College Magazine Courses, in collaboration with students enrolled in English Creative Writing Courses who work as editorial staff.

Art Gallery

“Looking for the Tiny Raincoat” Carolan Korten “Looking for the Tiny Raincoat” Chalk, Pastel, Ink, and Graphite 8.5” × 20.25” Vol 32

“Into the Wild” Stephanie Bunnell “Into the Wild” Pen and Ink 12” × 9” Vol 29

“Old Man #1” Julia Flippo “Old Man #1” Watercolor 20” × 14.125” Vol 32

“Afros” Nelson Roberto Pineda “Afros” Photography Vol 31

“Thrown Vessel” Yuk Mui Michelle Wong “Thrown Vessel” Ceramic 5.5” × 6.5” Vol 29


American River Review Faculty Advisers:
Prof. Michael A. Angelone
Prof. Craig Martinez
Prof. Jeff Rochford

Phone: 916-484-8705


Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm