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American River Review 2022


We Dedicate This Magazine to Resiliency.
To the survivors of the recent California wildfire tragedies.
To those who lost loved ones to the COVID pandemic.
For all of those who continue to persevere.
We also want to acknowledge and thank Professor Angelone, for his impactful work as a guide, advisor, and mentor.

American River Review 2021


The staff of the American River Review dedicates this is-sue to Craig Martinez and Jeff Rochford, as without them none of this would have been possible. Craig has worked with the magazine for twelve years and Jeff for four, as the heads of Art New Media. Together they have helped make some of the most stunning editions yet, and have brought light to the ARR community.
Craig, Jeff, Thank you for everything.

American River Review 2020


This issue is dedicated to Professor Michael Spurgeon, the faculty advisor for American River Review from 2009 through 2019. Professor Spurgeon has touched the lives of many of his students during his tenure with his education, advice, and guidance in navigating the significant challenges of publishing an award-winning literary magazine. Over the last ten years, he has taught his students to always to these challenges, and inspired his students to grow, feel, and seek greater understanding of the world around them.

The Staff of the 2020 issue of American River Review would like to honor and celebrate Professor Michael Spurgeon’s tenure as the magazine’s faculty advisor, and for cultivating a deep-rooted love and understanding of literature within his students.

American River Review 2019


Elizabeth “Betsy” Harper has been a perennial and invaluable staff member of American River Review. She has not only been involved in every production aspect, from editing to art selection to design, but also has been published repeatedly in the magazine. The staff wants to acknowledge and celebrate her involvement, leadership, and friendship as she finishes her final available semester. With enthusiasm and gratitude, the 2019 American River Review is dedicated to Elizabeth “Betsy” Harper.

American River Review 1988

Special Thanks:

We would like to thank the following for their supportive assistance:
The Student Association of American River College.
ARC Duplicating Service; Bruce Patt, Department of Journalism
Jackie Webber, English Department Magazine Committee.
Faculty Advisor: Constance Warloe

American River Review 1987


The American River Literary Review is published with the cooperation of the Los Rios Community College District and American River College, Sacramento, California.
Special thanks go to Dr. Queen Randall, President of American River College and Dr. Steven Epler, Dean of Instruction whose support for The American River Literary Review has made this first issue possible. In addition, the following people have provided technical and moral support during the production process:
Dr. Robert Frew, Dean of Communications and Humanities
Peggy Kraus-Kennedy and Jackie Webber
English Department Magazine Committee members; and Len Cramer, Library Computer Lab.