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Scholarship Tips

Scholarships Take Work

The first thing to keep in mind is that scholarships take work. This is not a one-and-done deal. Those who are successful treat scholarship hunting like a part-time job. Understand that you will need to schedule time regularly and keep at it until you graduate from college.

Play to Your Strengths

Don't waste time completing applications for scholarships that don't interest you. If you focus on those that excite you, it will come through in your essays and applications, increasing your chances for success.

Start Locally

Focusing on local awards is the best place to begin because there is less competition.

  1. Check with your guidance counselor, employers, churches, civic groups, the paper, social media, and area organizations that focus on education and youth.
  2. Next, visit college financial aid websites (see the outside resources section) and California’s education website.
  3. Then, visit large company websites (look under community or education tabs), especially those associated with your intended major. You'll also want to look into professional membership organizations.

Not Everyone Wins

There is no guarantee that all your efforts will pay off. However, one thing is for certain: you won't win if you don't apply. In most cases, it will take several applications before you succeed.

External Scholarship Opportunities

The University Network

TUN helps students find scholarships to pay.  TUN also helps companies create, manage, and promote paths for students through scholarships.

Find scholarships to fund your dreams!

The Scholarship Search Engine

Popular Scholarship Searches:

General Scholarships

The following are general scholarships offered through outside organizations.
Name Description Approximate Deadline
3LAU "Everything" Scholarship $10,060 award. June 20, 2021
Adley Law Firm Scholarship $500 scholarship for current and incoming students. August
Abundance Advice Scholarship Scholarship amount is $2,000. September 10, 2021
Allied Van Lines Scholarship $1,000 per winner (3 winners) December, 15 2021
AHN Scholarship Scholarship worth $1,000. December
American Car Review $1000 Scholarship February 28th, 2022
Apex Lighting Scholarship $500 scholarship. July 30, 2021
Apicdmo Scholarship Scholarship amount is $2,000. December
Assistance League of Sacramento Scholarship Scholarship amount is $2,000. May 8, 2021
2021 Marketing Scholarship $1,000 scholarship. October 20, 2021
Benjamin Gordon Grant $1,000 merit-based grant. March 1, 2021.
Beth Ann DeBouvre Scholarship One-time award of $1,000. April
Brian C. Jensen Grant Scholarship worth $1,000. June 1, 2021
Bubba Wallace Live to Be Different Scholarship Scholarship worth $10,000. May 31, 2021
California New Car Dealers Association Car Career Scholarship Up to 20 awards of $5,000 each will be granted (four awards will be granted in each of the 5 regions). One recipient will receive an additional $5,000. June 16, 2021
Chairish Scholarship Program AWARD $2500 January 1st & June 30th
Chip Unsworth Scholarship Scholarship worth $1,000. December 1, 2021
Complete Test Preparation Inc. Scholarship Submit your 700 word essay or short video on your best test preparation method or your best study skill. September 30, 2021
Court Records Scholarship First place $1,500. September 1, 2021
Curt E. Liebman MD Grant Amount: $1,000. March 1, 2021
Digital Marketing Scholarship $1,000 scholarship. December 31st
Drug-Rehabs Health Care Scholarship $1,000 scholarship. July 1, 2021
Eric Dalius Giving Scholarship Award of $1,000. April
Exceptional Student Scholarship Award of $2,000. September 30, 2021
Fly Rides scholarship $1000 Scholarship December 23, 2021 Scholarship Program Three winners will be selected. Top prize is $2,500; second and third place will receive $500 each. December 15, 2021
Gary Saitowitz Scholarship One-time award of $1,000. March
Grad Coach Scholarship Award of $2,000. June 10, 2021
The CE Shop 2021-2022 Give Back Scholarship Award of $1,000. July 31, 2021
Hani Zeini Scholarship One-time payment of $1000. March
Health Mania Scholarship Award of $1,000. November
Help to Study Scholarships See a listing of scholarship opportunities. N/A
Howley Financial Group Scholarship $1000 scholarship December 15, 2021
Ice Breaker Questions Scholarship Award of $2,000. September 30, 2021
Insta4likes Scholarship Award Amount: $777 1st May 2022
JC Cutler Grant Award of $1,000. December 31, 2021
Jack Howley Scholarship Award of $1,000. December 15, 2021
Josh Gibson MD Giving Scholarship Award of $1,000. December 15, 2021
Land Of The Free Scholarship $500 amount. August 15, 2021
Jonah Engler Trust Grant of $1,000. May 1, 2021
LSATMax Fee Waiver Scholarship LSAC Fee Waiver. Six weeks prior to the regular registration deadline
Local Realty Service 2021 Scholarship $1,500 2021 scholarship. February 17, 2021
Marc Ravenscroft Scholarship Winner announcement – May 15, 2021. May 1, 2021
Madison Campbell Scholarship Amount of $1,000. May 1, 2021
MedResidency Scholarship $2,000 scholarship. March
Mercer Mettl Scholarship Three scholarships worth $2,000. December $4,000 March 31, 2022
Mask Market Scholarship Amount of $1,000. December
Oak View Law Group scholarship amount is $1000 December 1, 2021
Ottinger Employment Law Award: $1,000 December 1, 2021
Organic's Best SuperParent Scholarship Scholarship amount is $2,000. September 10, 2021
Office Headquarters Info Scholarship Amount of $2,000. March
Patrick Maddren Scholarship Scholarship is meant for students pursuing a four-year degree course at an accredited US public or private university or college. March
Pickup World Scholarship Scholarship awards $1,000. December
RDC Paving Scholarship will award one (1) $500 scholarship. October
Rent To Own Labs Scholarship Declare a major related to real estate. $2,500 scholarship. October 15
Reviews Case Scholarship Award of $1,000. August 15
Robert Trosten Scholarship $1,000 award. June 1, 2021
SimpleTexting Scholarship $1,000 college scholarship. February
Sleep Scholarships Applicants must be enrolled, or due to be enrolled, as a full-time student at an accredited US college or university for the semester that they are applying to receive the scholarship. Domestic, international, online and undocumented students are welcome to apply. $1,000 award. March 20
Spark Health MD Scholarship A scholarship worth $1,000 . November
Sprinkler Supply Store Scholarship $500 Scholarship January 10, 2022
Stressays Scholarship $1,000 scholarship. March
Student Loan Hero Scholarship Student Loan Hero, an unbiased solution to organize, manage, and repay your student loans, is thrilled to award two (2) $1,000 scholarships each semester to help alleviate educational costs. August 15
Top Universities Award Amount: $1100 February 5th, 2022
TrophyCentral Sportsmanship Scholarship Award $1,000 scholarship award. September
Visionary Integration Professionals Scholarship A number of programs available. N/A
Vito Proietti Scholarship Award Amount: $1000 15, March 2022
Water Damage Professionals $1,000 scholarship award. April 30, 2022
WiseGeek Mental Health Well-Being Scholarship $500 scholarship. December
WiseMerchant Scholarship Fund The WiseMerchant Scholarship Fund will grant two students each $500 to be used towards books and tuition. The students must either already be attending a university or planning to attend in the upcoming semester. July 15 and December 15
Zilculator Scholarship $1,000 scholarship. December
Zumper Scholarship $1,000 scholarship. April 1, 2021

Scholarship Resources for Students With Disabilities

The following are scholarships offered through outside organizations.
Name Description Approximate Deadline
Scholarship for Students With Disabilities Article contains several scholarship opportunities N/A