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Horticulture Department

ARC’s Horticulture department serves professionals, students, and members of the community.

Horticulture seeks to improve plant culture methods, the sustainability of the environment, enriching economic vitality, and influencing the quality of life of individuals and their communities. Horticulturists have a broad knowledge of ornamental plants, turf grasses, fruit and non-fruit bearing trees, vines, and shrubs. Horticulture is producing the plants, marketing plants and landscape products, designing, installing and maintaining the outdoor and indoor environments where we live, work, and play.

California’s horticulture industry is a multi-billion dollar business that provides opportunities at many different levels for qualified individuals. ARC's horticulture program prepares students for self-employment, employment, and self-improvement.


Dean: Gary Aguilar
Admin. Asst.: BonnyJean Bowman
Department Chair: Cielo Sichi
Phone: 916-484-8631

Hours and Location

Monday - Friday:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Technical Education Complex

Recognized by Industry Professional Organizations

The ARC Horticulture Program prepares students to be qualified and meet the challenges for self-employment or employment in our industry. Production nurseries, retail garden centers, landscape contractors, landscape designers, parks departments, golf courses, irrigation design and auditing, interiorscapes, landscape maintenance, arboricultural, horticulture consultation or product sales, are industry opportunity examples.

Students receive a formal education in basic plant science, plant identification, design standards, soil science, and plant diseases and pests. After completing the first year of training, students may elect an option in either landscape or nursery practices.

ARC Horticulture also has outstanding facilities and work experience classes with links to the professional community, and our graduates are recognized assets in the industry and at four-year degree institutions.

The ARC Horticulture Program is recognized by industry professional organizations such as CLCA, CANGC and is a test site for the CLCA Landscape Technician Skills Certification. These organizations and those in the community provide additional support by funding annual scholarship assistance for our horticulture majors.

Classes for Everyone in the Community

The American River College Horticulture Department offers classes for everyone in the community. Whether you are a garden hobbyist, already working in the field or maybe you have just purchased your first home and know nothing about landscaping, you want to start your own plant nursery, or you want to do floral designs for special events, we have something for you. The teaching staff have organized a program of instruction that will appeal to just about everyone. Students may earn their Associate of Science degree, work toward Certificates in Horticulture, or just take classes for their own interest.

The curriculum has been designed to be "student-friendly." Most classes have lectures that present the most up to date information in a variety of subject matter as well as laboratory sessions where students can practice and perfect the hands-on skills that can be taken back to the job or home landscape.

Classes are offered in both the day as well as a complete program in the evening. Students who have taken just one course or completed the entire program are spread throughout our community and the local horticulture industry.

Graduates are employed in a variety of businesses ranging from retail garden centers and growers, floral design to landscape design, landscape installation and maintenance, as well as with golf courses and park departments, and floral wholesalers. Many are self-employed and others have gone on to four-year universities to earn their advanced degrees.

So, whether you need to know how to take better care of your house plants or start a vegetable garden, come join us. Maybe you are at a stage in your life where you are thinking about a career change or are looking for an enjoyable and rewarding outdoor career. Perhaps you are already employed in horticulture and in need of upgrading your skills.