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Nursing Application Instructions and Forms


When transferring courses from colleges outside the Los Rios District, you will notice there is a 'T' in front of your grade. This is for internal purposes only - please ignore it.

Do not send transcripts to the Nursing Department of the College. They must be in your application packet.

Online Application Guidelines for the Nursing Program  Revised June 2017

Online Nursing Application Tutorial   Revised January 2019

Online Nursing Application Tutorial - How to Transfer External Credit  Revised August 2018

Online Application Status Progression Flowchart Revised June 2017

TEAS Test: Applicants are required to submit a copy of their TEAS score in the application packet. Below are examples of what the transcript should look like. Electronic transfer is NOT required until acceptance.

ATI TEAS Example Transcript

Assessment Testing TEAS Information

TEAS Testing Offered at American River College

ATI TEAS testing dates are offered periodically at American River College prior to the application cycle. For further information about dates and signing up to take the TEAS test, see "How Do I Sign Up to Take the TEAS" below. 

  • Students must register for upcoming TEAS testing at Be sure to register as soon as testing schedule is available.
  • DSPS students must also register at www.atitesting.comUpdate (Very Important)!: DSPS students are required to bring proof of Los Rios Community College District DSPS accommodations to the Nursing office in the Health and Education Division, Room 731 (building complex by the parking garage past the stadium), ONE WEEK PRIOR TO SCHEDULED TEST.

Assessment Testing Required for Nursing Program

Prior to admission, all students must pass a diagnostic readiness/assessment test (basic math, English, reading, language usage, and science) in addition to meeting the prerequisites and eligibility requirements. ARC utilizes the Test of Essential Academic Skills developed by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

The passing standard and parameters for implementation of assessment testing have been developed by the California Community College Chancellor's office. The assessment test has been demonstrated to have positive correlation with success in nursing programs.

Assessment Testing TEAS is scheduled through Assessment Technologies Incorporated (ATI).  Proctored assessment testing will occur in the Health and Education Division (HEED) at American River College, however, registration details will be handled directly by ATI at Refer to the documents below for further information about the ATI TEAS test.

What is the significance of the TEAS scores?

TEAS test scores are a component of the multi-criterion selection process. See the ARC ADN Program Enrollment Prescreening Criteria for critical information related to passing scores, scores that will be counted, and submission of scores.

How do I sign up to take the TEAS? 

To register for TEAS testing, go to the ATI website at Proctored assessment testing will be offered at American River College in the Health and Education (HEED) computer lab 713.

DSPS ATI TEAS date for Spring 2019CHECK BACK SOON!

The ATI website has important testing preparation instructions. For assistance with registration, please read our tutorial, ATI TEAS Online Registration Process. Be sure to contact ATI if you encounter any problems in the registration process.

ATI TEAS Test Information Sheet (Revised 10-31-16)

ATI TEAS Test Information Sheet - DSPS Testing (Revised 10-31-16)

How can I prepare for the TEAS test? What if I fail and need to remediate? How can I improve my score?

Suggestions for ATI TEAS Preparation and/or Remediation Plan (Revised 12/2016)


If a student has multiple test scores within one year, only the first/earliest score will be accepted unless evidence of remediation is provided.

TEAS Guidelines & Remediation/Retest Approval Request

TEAS Test Flow Chart - not sure about remediation? Click Here!

Clarification of What to Submit for TEAS Scores

Nursing applicants must submit a hard copy of the TEAS test score with their initial program application (print from ATI website). Once accepted, students will be required to transfer their scores electronically.

TEAS Test Review Guide (offered by

American River College Associate Degree Nursing Program Military Policy

Military Personnel and Veterans

Military Personnel and Veterans may be eligible for ARC Nursing Program enrollment. Two pathways for Military Personnel and Veterans have been established based on the following requirements.
Pathway I - General ADN program (first or second semester entry)

For either first or second semester entry:

  • Education and experience must meet all general entrance requirements of ARC and the nursing program (    
  • No recency requirements for the prerequisite courses are in place (per program policy).    
  • Recency of military experience will be evaluated.  
  • Course equivalency must be verified for each course according to ARC and program policy.  

First semester entry

ARC Nursing Program enrollment criteria provides 5 points toward the veteran's enrollment application. A copy of the Department of Defense form (DD-214, copy 4) noting "Honorable Discharge" must be submitted with enrollment application.

Candidates must meet the same eligibility requirements for admission into the ARC Nursing Program as other applicants, including completion of:

  • All program prerequisite courses
  • Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS) - minimum score of 62%
  • Enrollment application score making applicant eligible for selection pool

Second semester entry

  • In addition to above, documented military experience must be equal to that of Nurse 400 clinical experience.  
  • Entry is dependent on space availability. 

Note: Completion of all general education courses for graduation before enrollment into the nursing program is highly recommended.  

Veteran Advanced Placement Application Packet (for second semester entry)

Pathway II - LVN to RN Career Mobility Program (completion of summer bridge course, Nurse 420 and 430) 

  • In addition to above, complete additional prerequisite courses.
  • Possess an active California LVN license either through challenge: BVNPT Method 4. or successful completion of a LVN program.         
  • Minimum of six months recent LVN work experience with verification OR proof of previous military experience equal to that of a combat medic.
  • Selected for and successfully complete Nurse 305 - summer nursing bridge course. 

Transfer and Challenge Process

Transfer students are those who have successfully completed some portion of their core nursing courses in an accredited nursing program. Admittance is based on space availability. Students who wish to transfer into the second, third, or fourth semester of the ARC nursing program must contact the department office by email.

In addition, transfer students should be aware that the ARC Nursing Program:

  • Has a very low attrition rate. There is rarely space for transferring students. Second and third semester transfers are the most difficult to obtain. Priorities for admission are detailed in the ARC Nursing Student Handbook. 
  • May have different sequence of nursing specialty courses (obstetrics, pediatrics, and psychiatry) from the transfer college. This may result in repetition of one or more semesters of study. 
  • Allows students only one year out of active nursing school enrollment to be considered for transfer. Students who exceed this timeframe must apply to the nursing program as a new student. 
  • Will evaluate all prerequisite and co-requisite course work for equivalency, including achievement of the required grade point averages in the sciences and support courses (see "Credit for Prerequisite Course Work" below). 
  • Does not require challenge examinations for nursing theory or clinical practice. Transfer students will be given credit for nursing course work after the department has reviewed course descriptions, transcripts, and skills lists.

Credit for Prerequisite Course Work

All nursing students including transfer or advanced placement students must meet the prerequisites for program entry. Students may satisfy the prerequisites through a variety of college procedures:

  • Course Substitution: Students who have prerequisite course work in California should check the "ARC Nursing Program Articulation Grid" on the ARC Nursing Program website. Courses on this grid are approved as equivalent, comparable, or acceptable substitutes to the pre/co-requisites for the ARC Nursing Program.
  • Petition for Course Substitution: Students who have completed pre/co-requisite course work not listed in the articulation grid or who have completed course work outside of California will need to complete a petition for substitution. This process begins with a visit to an ARC counselor. Counseling appointments may be made by calling (916) 484-8572.
  • Credit by Examination: Under special circumstances students may seek credit for course work by examination. This option is not applicable to all courses. Students interested in credit by examination should consult the dean of the appropriate area (e.g., for psychology course work the student would contact the dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences). Further restrictions apply to this option; details are found in the ARC Catalog.

International Nursing Graduate Information

The Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) receives applications from persons seeking RN licensure per BPC 2736(b) who have completed their nursing education in a nursing program located in countries other than the United States. Due to not meeting required or equivalent curriculum, per CCR 1426, applicants may be found not eligible for RN licensure.

This guideline provides information for graduates of international nursing programs seeking California RN licensure and addresses questions related to the most common applicant situations. There may be specific situations that other laws and rules may apply and requires individual consultation by Licensing staff.

To read more about licensure for international nursing graduates, click here.

Contact Nursing Department

Dean: Jan DeLapp, MA
Program Director: Dr. Sandra Wyrick, PhD, MN, RN
Dept. Chair: Mary Ellen Kraft, MSN, RN
Administrative Assistant: Cheryl Watt


Monday - Friday:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Health and Education Complex

If you have questions about prerequisites for the Associate Science Degree in Nursing program, check out

Program Overview

The following information and prerequisites can also be found on our General Information Sheet.

Pass/Fail Rates for the Registered Nurse Licensing Exam can be found on the website of the

Board of Registered Nursing

Note: This information is for first-time test takers only, and any student failing the exam on the first attempt, but passing on the second attempt, is not included in the passing percentage provided on the website.

The RN Application

The Fall 2020 RN Application will be open February 3rd – 28th, 2020. Students will access the application through eServices.