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Earn College Credit While You Work

The Work Experience and Internship Program is designed for students who are near completion of their degree or certificate. Through an internship, you set goals and build professional skills while earning units toward your degree or certificate.


To participate in Work Experience, students must:

  • Have declared a major or career goal
  • Have completed at least one semester in college
  • Be in good academic standing with a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) or higher
  • Commit to an internship for the duration of the enrollment term (for example, 16 weeks, 12 weeks, or eight weeks)

Getting Started

Why wait? Make an appointment with your Work Experience Office on campus or use the following resources to get started today!

Enrolling in a Work Experience Course

There are three types of WEXP courses: 498, 298, or 198. Most students take WEXP 498 or WEXP 298. Some degrees and certificates require students to complete a WEXP 498 or WEXP 298 course. Other programs offer a WEXP course as an elective.

The type of WEXP course you enroll in also determines the maximum number of units you can earn:

  • In WEXP 498 or WEXP 298, you can earn up to four (4) units per semester.
  • In WEXP 198, you can earn up to three (3) units per semester.

Repeating WEXP Courses

You can take a WEXP 498 or WEXP 298 course up to four times and receive up to 16 units total. You can take a WEXP 198 course up to two times and receive up to 6 units total.

Student who have participated in Work Experience before and passed with a grade of "C" or better are not required to attend weekly class, but will still meet with their instructor on a regular basis.

Earning Units

The number of units you earn in a WEXP course is based on how many hours you work per semester, whether your internship is paid or unpaid, and the type of WEXP course you enroll in.

You must complete your learning objectives and course assignments to receive credit for a WEXP course.

Calculating Work Hours and Units

The number of hours you work determines how many units you earn. Units are determined as follows:

  • Paid internship – 1 unit per 75 hours worked during a semester
  • Unpaid internship – 1 unit per 60 hours worked during a semester

Work hours must be worked within the semester's start and end dates. Time spent in class or on assignments does not count toward work hours.

How Many Hours Can You Commit to Work?

Figure out how many hours you are able to work in a semester before you decide how many WEXP units to take.

For example, if you register for 1 unit for a paid internship, then you need to commit to working 75 hours within the semester to receive credit and pass the class.

Dropping or Withdrawing

Notify your instructor if you plan to withdraw from the course or if you have been terminated from your internship. It is your responsibility to officially drop the course. You may receive an "F" grade if you fail to drop the course through Admissions and Records or eServices.


You will be dropped if you miss more Work Experience course sessions than is allowed by your instructor. If you are in an unpaid internship position, then your supervisor will be notified that you are no longer enrolled in the Work Experience Course and that you are no longer covered under the Los Rios Community College District Unpaid Internship Agreement.