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Foster Care Education Classes

We invite you to join our foster care education classes if you are:

  • Parenting a child placed in out-of-home care and you want to improve your parenting skills
  • Taking care of a relative's child
  • Needing to complete State-mandated foster care education requirements
  • Interested in being a foster or adoptive parent

WFFH (Whole Foster Family Home Certification Training)

As needed by families, Call FKCE office if class is needed

If you are interested in being a RFA home for a pregnant or parenting foster youth, the class series is the certification training that is required. The Whole Family Foster Care is a new placement option for pregnant and parenting dependent youth. Under the placement, the RFA home has two roles. The first is as a RFA parent to the pregnant/parenting teen. The second is as a mentor to the pregnant/parenting teen for their non- dependent infant. There is a need to place pregnant and parenting dependent teens in a placement with their babies. This series will cover both roles and specifics of mentoring a teen to become a successful parent. We will discuss the role of child development across the spectrum of birth-adolescence as we open our thinking to encompass what research tells us is "best practice" for raising secure, safe and nurtured infants and apply that information to teen parents in out-of-home placements. This class will also include information on the shared responsibility plan, attachment and the care of the newborn, legal issues, safety issues and resources to help the teen parent as well as the RFA caregiver. Once you complete the series you meet the requirements to receive the stipend for being a WFFH mentor.

Instructor: Dana McKnight, MSW- FKCE Program Coordinator, American River College.

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