Icon for the Arts

Do you enjoy expressing yourself through art, music, theatre, or dance? Do you enjoy designing and creating things? Do you like to cook, sew, or take photos? Do you like recording and editing music? If so, a major in the area of Arts might be right for you! Check out the programs we offer in the disciplines listed below.

Art – Studio Art, Art History & Photography
Art New Media – Illustration, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling & Animation
Hospitality Management – Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management
Horticulture – Floristry
Music – Music Performance, Music Instruction, Digital Music & Commercial Music
Fashion Design, Illustration & Merchandising
Theatre Arts – Acting, Costuming, Technical Production & Film
Interdisciplinary Studies – History of the Creative Arts
Interior Design
Kinesiology and Athletics - Dance
English – Literary Publishing
Gerontology – Environmental Design