Areas of Interest

Not Ready to Pick a Major?  Explore Areas of Interest to Help You Decide!

Areas of interest are groups of related programs of study organized into themes, to help you find a major that interests you.

Business Area of Interest Graphic


Programs that prepare students to work in business, in fields like accounting, marketing, merchandising, management, hospitality and recreation.

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Graphic


Programs that prepare students to transfer into mathematics, computer science, engineering, physical science and biological science majors.

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Programs for students who want to develop their skills and talents in visual arts, performing arts, and applied arts.

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People, Culture and Society graphic

People, Culture and Society

Programs for students interested in studying human beings and their interactions.

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Health, Human Services and Well Being Graphic

Health, Human Services and Well Being

Programs that focus on the health of the mind and body.

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Language and Communication Graphic

Language and Communication

Programs that focus on language acquisition and the use of language to communicate ideas clearly.

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Public Service Graphic

Public Service

Programs that prepare students to work in jobs serving the public, such as education, police, fire, public health, and sign language interpreting.

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Manufacturing, Construction and Transportation Graphic

Manufacturing, Construction and Transportation

Programs that prepare students to work in the manufacturing, construction, and transportation sectors.

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