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Program Roadmaps

Program roadmaps provide clear paths for completing degrees and certificates.

Roadmaps show full-time and part-time students which classes to take, in which order, to complete a degree or certificate in a timely manner.  Maps for degrees include suggested general education and elective courses that can be changed to meet each student’s personal preferences, and all maps include scheduling and advising notes, as well as information about potential careers.

Get started on your pathway today! Select a discipline below to see the roadmaps for the degrees and certificates in that area. If you find a roadmap you like, make an appointment with a counselor to create a personalized educational plan. Visit the Counseling Office website for information on how to make an appointment with a counselor.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our class schedules so the scheduling information in these roadmaps may no longer be accurate. Students should check the online class schedule for up-to-date scheduling information.