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The Natomas Learning Resource Center (LRC)

is a multi-use facility intended to meet the learning needs of the American River College Natomas Center learning community. The Natomas Learning Resource Center houses the Natomas Math Learning Center (NMLC), the Writing Across the Curriculum Program (WAC), the Reading Across the Disciplines Program (RAD), and Tutoring.

Natomas LRC General Use Information

COMPUTER USE: The Natomas LRC has 45 computers (Including 6 conference ready computers) open to student use during regular hours of operation. You may use the computing, networking, and information resources in the LRC for academic and instructional purposes only and you must obey the Natomas LRC Computer Ethics Code, the Los Rios Computer Use Policies, as well as the U.S. Copyright laws and license agreements.  Copying software is illegal.

ENVIRONMENT: The Natomas LRC is considered an instructional classroom and a quiet learning environment.  Because studying, tutoring and other modes of instruction are taking place inside the LRC, the following are not allowed: cell phone use, food, drinks and children. 

PRINTING: To print at the NLRC you will need to access the print management software PaperCut. Money can be loaded into your account using credit card online or cash at front office. The cost is 10 cents per page for Black/White printing.

SCANNING: documents for free. However, please bring in a thumb drive or other storing device as your documents WILL NOT be saved on the NLRC computers.

OTHER EQUIPMENT: You may check-out headphones/headsets for online classes, music appreciation classes, instructional videos, etc. Please note that we have a limited supply of headphones/headsets and may run out from time to time. We encourage you to consider bringing your own headphones or earbuds. You will need you students ID card to check-out headphones/headsets.

STUDY ROOMS: There are 2 study rooms in the back of the Natomas LRC furnished with tables and chairs, as well as white boards. These rooms are primarily used for tutoring, conferences, instructor-requested activities, etc. If no other activity is occurring at a certain time in the study rooms, students may use them for group or individual studying. For use of the LRC Study rooms complete policy here.


Natomas MLC DirectorAmy Gaudard

Natomas RAD Coordinator
Stephanie Parrish

Natomas WAC Coordinator
Dr. Kathleen O'Brien

(916) 485-6022


Monday through Thursday:
11:00 am to 4:00 pm


Natomas Math Learning Center (NMLC)

Natomas Math Learning Center (NMLC)

The NMLC provides students with a mastery-based, independent study approach to learning math, under the guidance of an instructor.

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Natomas Reading Across the Disciplines (RAD)

Natomas Reading Across the Disciplines (RAD)

RAD works with students in small group sessions to help them improve their classroom performance.

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Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) serves all students, including those who have little or no experience with college writing, as well as students who are already skilled writers.

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