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Community Services offerings enable you to improve the quality of your life through lifelong learning. This program of fee-based classes is designed to serve individuals with educational goals that do not require college credit (there are no transcripts or grades). Community Service classes are usually shorter than credit classes, and normally do not require lengthy preparation. Many classes are offered in response to a specific population's expressed interest or need.

Register by phone at 916-485-6000, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

The next Community Services class will be CCDET I - Online, June 13, 2020, 7:30am – 4:30pm. This course is Inspection and Periodic Smoke Detection Programs. Topics include common causes of high diesel smoke levels and smoke diagnostic information.

Course Code CSERV 2087

Class Description for CCDET I Online:

HDVIP/PSIP COURSE (CCDET I)-Virtual Format (Live Online)

Using the virtual online Zoom Meeting format to conduct a one-day CCDET I course for smoke-testers, and fleet managers or owners covering basic smoke emissions troubleshooting and repair, current emissions regulations, hands-on training on the correct administration of the SAE J1667 Snap Acceleration Smoke Test Procedures for Heavy-Duty Diesel-Powered Vehicles, and the importance of service and maintenance.

Student Classroom Materials Source Information:

Visit for class materials. Click “Resources” on the left column, on the bottom of the “Publications” section, click and download the “CCDET I HDVIP/PSIP Student Materials and SAE J1667 Snap Summary”. We recommend you print these two documents for the class session.

American River College CCDET I Virtual Live (Online) Classroom and Hands-on Protocol:


  1. Opacity Meter: Student must have access to an Opacity Meter and all the attachment/related items to use during the hands-on assessment
  2. Zoom Meeting & Connection: Student must have the ability to transmit video to a Zoom meeting during the classroom and hands-on assessment sessions
  3. Camera / Broadcast Devices: Student must have access to computer/laptop, tablet and/or smartphone devices that allow the instructor to observe them as the class, test and hands-on assessment are being conducted

(Hint: Recommend to have one stationary-computer or laptop, and one mobile-tablet or smartphone device during class)

  1. Zoom Downloaded/Installed, Functioning and Ready Prior: Student should download and install the Zoom application onto their computer/laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone and make sure it’s functioning properly prior to the class date. One of the devices needs to be portable for the hands-on Opacity Testing assessment.

(Hint: Should be familiar with settings and functions within Zoom, such as “Mute/Unmute”, “chat”, etc.)

  1. Switch from front to rear camera as needed: Student or person holding the device for the class should be able to switch between front facing and rear facing camera, or point the single camera in a way that the relevant parts of the vehicle are visible (stack/tailpipe, emission components, etc.)
  2. Two-way Communication: Devices must be capable of two-way communication with the instructor
  3. Power Supply: Student needs to have power supply to power the computer/laptop, tablet and or smartphone for the duration of the class
  4. Identity: Student must have ID to identify self on video
  5. Vehicle Information: Know the diesel engine make, model, year of the vehicle to be tested. If using a personal vehicle for simulation, interpret the result as if a fleet vehicle were being tested
  6. Classroom Student Materials: Student class materials will be provided after registration.

The above protocol is set up to minimize the interruption during the class, keep communication in case one device becomes malfunction.

Web address for the virtual meeting will be provided after registration. Students can contact the instructor at prior to the class date for questions or need additional information.


Dean: Dr. Roger A. Davidson
Program Director: Raymelle Revel
Instructor: Kevin Wong
Phone: 916 485-6000


Monday Friday: 
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Office Location:
Natomas Education Center
2421 Del Paso Road
Sacramento, CA 95835

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