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ARC Natomas Center Main Office

ARC's Natomas Center offers a variety of services to support student success.

The Natomas Center offers Counseling services for educational planning, career counseling, and personal counseling. Counseling is available by appointment (in person or virtually) during most weekdays. To schedule an appointment, stop by the Natomas Center front counter or call 916-485-6000. Drop-in counseling is provided during the first week of school on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Los Rios Police Department provides police and/or security coverage for the Natomas Center when classes are in session. If an officer is not in the police office, please contact the Natomas Center main office at 916-485-6000 for assistance or call the Los Rios Police dispatch at 916-558-2221. General information is available on the Los Rios Police Department website.

While there are no food services at the Natomas Center, there are vending machines for both snacks and drinks. In addition, many local restaurants and fast-food locations are available nearby.

Ruby's Place is a multi-purpose space used for various student services and needs, including our Beaver Cares Food Pantry. The program aims to provide a safe space to support student wellness and to reduce the impact of food insecurity. Each student is allowed to be served once per week. For access to the food pantry, please see the main office front counter.

Popular versions of Scantron, blue books and number 2 pencils can be purchased in the Natomas Center vending machine next to the faculty workroom. For more information on bookstore services visit the ARC College Store website.

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