Faculty and staff generously give back through supporting many programs and initiatives.

Learn About Faculty and Staff Giving

Permanent ARC employees are eligible to give through payroll deduction. Print and complete an Employee Payroll Form and send through intercampus mail or hand deliver to the ARC Office of Philanthropy in the administration building


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Department Fundraising 

Your Department or Program Can Raise Funds Now by setting up a Flipcause site. Use the power of your personal network and the many program supporters you know to donate and help fundraise through Flipcause, a website that collects the funds via a credit/debit card allowing the funds to immediately be deposited into your departmental account. Plus, Flipcause allows your students and supporters to become a fundraiser allowing them to ask their friends for support.

  • Easy to Set Up!
  • Easy for Donors to Donate!
  • At No Cost!

How? By setting up a Flipcause site through the ARC Office of Philanthropy.

Please complete the form below to direct us to custom-build your Flipcause page for your department/program.

If you do not have a departmental account, please establish one first.

You will get a chance to edit it prior to publication.

Once your site is up, you will want to add a link button from your department/program website to this page.  We suggest labeling the button “Support ______” (e.g. “Support ARC Baseball”).

For questions about Department Flipcause pages

Debra Hildred
Donor Relations Specialist

ARC Flipcause Site Application 

We need the following information to build your custom site.