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ARC Institutional Equity Plan

The Institutional Equity Plan provides the framework for ARC’s ongoing efforts to actualize its institution-wide commitment to equity and social justice. It identifies areas for continuing growth and improvement as well as creating a shared understanding of what equity means at American River College

The plan proposes a foundation for this work as well as exploring the opportunities and challenges that surfaced in dialogue with stakeholders. This plan should be considered a living document that is regularly visited, evaluated, and adapted. The project team was comprised of a group of students, staff, faculty and administrators who contributed their efforts to development of the ARC Institutional Equity Plan.

Institutional Equity Plan Introduction

The Institutional Equity Plan Project Team invested nine months deeply examining the college community’s environment, assets, and needs in order to create a three-to-five year plan with the goals of improving equity, access, and success at American River College (ARC). The team consulted with hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and administrators to create a plan that is rooted in principles and values of equity, social justice, inclusion, and liberation. This plan is not intended as a prescriptive list of actions to produce specific results, but rather a guiding framework with recommendations to transform the institution and those who work and exist within it.

The project team acknowledges that there are many positive equity-focused efforts currently in action; nonetheless, the college aspires towards continuous growth and improvement of outcomes and experiences for those who are disproportionately impacted and marginalized in society and on campus. The overarching goal of the plan is to improve the climate, so that the ARC community is in a better place in five years. Recognizing that this plan will not eliminate all systemic injustice (e.g., racism, sexism), it will identify those systems and norms in the organizational context; challenge the historical and societal forces; and seek to create methods to actively push against injustices.