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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
French Ben Professor and Co-Coordinator PATC Technical Education, Automotive Technology/PATC (916) 484-8671
Fukui Katherine Adjunct Professor Humanities, English as a Second Language
Galarza Ivette Adjunct Professor Humanities, Foreign Languages (Spanish)
Garcia Monica Adjunct Professor Humanities, Foreign Languages (Spanish) (916) 286-3691 ext. 12324
Garcia Louie Adjunct Professor Technical Education, Electrician Trainee Program (916) 484-8354
Garcia-Adams Ines Professor Humanities, Foreign Languages (916) 484-8643
Garcia-Keegan Bernard Adjunct Professor Humanities, Speech Communication
Gardizi Zohra CDC Teacher Humanities, Child Development Center (916) 484-8651
George Gary Professor Technical Education, Electronics Technology (916) 484-8192
Gerlis Rachel Adjunct Professor Humanities, Deaf Culture & ASL Studies (916) 286-3691 ext. 12380

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